Top 10 Apps of the week!


Looking for new apps for your Android phone or tablet? Check out our weekly round-up for the latest apps and click on the links to download them for free.


1. BBM (Get it for your android) Free

Once you get the Golden Ticket email saying your place in the BBM ecosystem is ready, you can log into the app with your email and create an account. The signup process for BBM is a little more extensive than other services. You need to enter a birthdate, country, agree to several terms and conditions, and choose a password recovery question. After all that, you are graced with your own BBM PIN. A great way to keep in touch;If you have a time machine, to the past, our opinion.


2. Microsoft Remote Desktop (Get it for your android) Free

Need to get at something on your desktop, but just aren’t nearby? You need remote access, and many Windows PCs have that feature built right in. Microsoft’s new Remote Desktop app for Android lets you hook into the included remote access system so you can use your PC from a phone or tablet. It’s also completely free.


3. OLED World (Get it for your android) Free

Get astonishing masterpieces of world renowned photographers in your hands!
With superb color expression of Samsung Display AMOLED, you can enjoy Full HD photographs more accurately and vividly. This collaboration project features pictures by Kwon O Chul, Ashley Vincent, Satoshi Kuribayashi and Hougaard Malan, specialized in astronomical objects, wildlife, insect and landscape respectively.


4. Patch (Get it for your android) Free

Patch is a hyper-local news service, the corporate answer to the local newspaper. AOL acquired the company about four years ago (well before Android was the 800-pound gorilla of the mobile world) and it appears to have taken them that long to get an app out. That being said, it looks like the wait was worth it: good organization, a stable UI, and plenty of filters round out the options. You’ll still need to live in a town serviced by Patch to get any real benefit from the app.


5. Waterbot: Plants watering (Get it for your android) Free

Waterbot can’t water your plants. It’s a smartphone app. It’s not a wizard. But it will remind you to water them, so your wife/mother/houseguest won’t ever see the acts of ecological abuse you might have perpetrated on those poor plants unfortunate enough to be at your mercy. This app is for the serious greenery enthusiast: in addition to notifications for feeding time, it lets you take photos of individual plants for use as avatars.


6. DigiCal Calendar & Widgets (Get it for your android) Free

This application maximizes your device camera in the dark! Automatic adjustment of image parts to improve visibility in low light conditions.Because phone cameras don’t involve usage of infrared, final quality of night vision is determined by your phones camera. This app takes all out of it, so it’s up to the device how well you can see in the dark. You can always use this app just for creating cool looking photos.


7. Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout (Get it for your android) Free

Runtastic has built a reputation on its titular cardio workout, but now they’re moving up. Directly up, in fact, to the abdominal regions. The “Six Pack Abs” app really isn’t much more than a digital version of those one-off issues published by Men’s Health and the like, but if you’re looking for a cheap, structured plan with lots of instructions, you could do worse. The full version of the app requires a reasonable $5 in-app purchase.


8. Autoblog 360 (Get it for your android) Free

In today’s economy, it is quite hard to afford a luxury car of your own. Autoblog is hoping to either alleviate or exacerbate your lust for luxury cars with a virtual showroom, complete with models from 14 manufacturers and impressive simulations of car interiors. There are plenty of stats for you number-crunchers to drool over as well. Just make sure you can resist the urge to make a down payment.


9. Square Cash (Get it for your android) Free

PayPal and Gmail can send money via email, and even some of the bigger banks are getting in on the quick transfer action. Square, the folks enabling easy mobile payments at your local bake sale, are now offering a similar service. You can transfer money from any debit card to any bank account, though you’ll have to wait the usual 1-2 business days before the recipient has access to the funds. You don’t even need a Square account, just an email address.


10. Switchr – Task Switcher (Get it for your android) Free

Switchr is an alternative to Android’s built-in Recents button, much in vogue over at XDA and now available as an app on the Play Store. It allows users to swipe in from the left or right to switch apps with a nifty animation a la Swipe Pad and its many imitators. There are a ton of customization options and a few extra-fancy gestures to check out as well. If you don’t already use some kind swipe-based launcher, this one could save you a lot of time in app switching. The $2 pro key unlocks all the options.

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