10 tips to revitalize your productivity!


You cannot find anyone in any workplace not interested in increasing their productivity and efficiency; therefore we’ve decided to tackle this topic today on this manic Monday.

Whether you are the CEO, evangelist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist or even a project manager, chances are you have come to a point where you’d like to accomplish more in any given day.

Adhering to the inevitable temptation of social media can be tough, for once you’re on one you can wave goodbye to an hour or two of productive work.

When you are at a higher level of employment, there is no one to blame but yourself for your lack of fruitfulness. Luckily, we have compiled a list of ways to revitalize your productivity.

1. Reformulate your to-do list

Be honest now: have you ever completed a chunky, unnecessary to-do list? Yes, that’s what we thought. For a more productive approach, try breaking down your tasks to the very minute.
Take all of today’s tasks for example; sync them with your calendar and assign a specific time allowance. In case you want a higher level of productivity, set a tight deadline for yourself and make sure to stick to it.

2. Evade meetings like the fall flu

You know what they say; “you don’t have to attend every argument you are invited to” well, the same goes for meetings. Even though you might believe that they keep you on top of things, they’re actually slowing you down! Decide for yourself which meetings you shall attend and which you will simply decline.

3. Acquire a new hobby

You might be surprised with this point, thinking that getting a hobby would actually backfire on your productivity level. However, you’d be amazed at how much more organized you become once you have practice of some sort at least twice a week.
Organization aside, you will be amazed at how much happier you will get as well, making you a better worker all around.

4. Start early

Getting an early start might be your productivity’s savor; whether it is arriving an hour earlier or putting in extra time on Sundays.
Putting in the extra effort and getting an early start will help you concentrate, avoid some of the daily noise and clearing off your plate much faster.

5. Cut down online distractions

Being trapped in an office all day does not necessarily imply that you are getting work done; social media, whether on the phone or web, can be a serious distraction. If you cannot help yourself but check them out every two second then you might need the help of an app.

6. Simply trust your team

Just because someone completes a task in a different way than you does not mean they do not understand what they’re doing. Everyone has their own way of thinking and working and that is the beauty of teamwork.

To accomplish the maximum in a day, week or even a year, make it a habit of delegating tasks amongst the team according to each one’s abilities. That way you will save time and effort.

7. Perfection is not to be chased

We know this might sound cliché, but you really should stop chasing perfection and stick to the 80/20 rule. Once you start and completed 80% of a task, you will notice how your productivity will sky rocket. The remaining 20% will seem pivotal at that point.

8. Email Alert

Cutting down on online distractions might even include your emails; if they are the main culprit in your productivity then it is time to put down some boundaries.

9. Stop with the tunnel vision

Opposite to popular belief, staring at your screen for 5 hours will leave you feeling drained and tired. Taking regular breaks will make you feel refreshed and lead up to accomplishing even more.

10. Decrease planning

Seriously speaking, how much time do you spend just planning to accomplish something? Well, why not instead of doing so, simply jumpstart into the project and accomplish it? Yes, sounds pretty simple right!

We hope we’ve helped with giving you some ideas as how to increase that productivity of yours and let us know if you have any other practices of your own!