Photographers behold; this is the post that will enhance your performance!


It is quite a blessing to be a photographer in this day and age. Why you ask? Well, with the incredible supply of technology at their disposal, the whole process is simplified and organized a whole lot more.

A great deal of programs, applications as well as camera options have been made available to the public and thus making the practice of capturing as well as editing photos such that holds marvelous potential.

On the other hand, modern day photographers have at their advantage the ability to employ technologies that are not particularly exclusive for photographers. Cloud computing, for instance, is a excellent example of file sharing and storing that could be tailored to the needs of any professional photographer.

Once you have decided to dive into the realm of photography, the urge to share not only photos but whole albums will soon arise, whether it is with friends, family or even fellow photographers that will soon urge you to take the hobby to the next level. While some old-schoolers will argue that sharing can still be done through basic email, even they cannot deny that some files are a bit too large or complex to be shared this way and thus require more advanced file sharing options.

Below you will find a glimpse into the benefits that a photographer, such as yourself, will appreciate from such options.

Big File sharing & sending

As aforementioned, huge photo albums as well as high resolution pictures pose constrains on the traditional mailing system. This forces many photographers to look into the most suitable & affordable options that meet their artistic and financial needs. Many have chosen Zoolz, a prominent provider of advanced file sharing and cloud computing services. With such services, it is much easier to send and receive high res files, not to mention send your photos back and forth with whomever you choose without a need to give it a second thought. This way is much more convenient and simple of transferring photos.

Safe storing & backing up

This is probably the most beneficial aspect of cloud computing. With access to a cloud storage system, one will have instant access to a vault-like storage system that will help any photographer to store, organize and access the precious photography projects.

With your photos stored to the cloud, you will be able to access them from any device connected to the internet, thus providing both convenience for you as well as valuable backup.

Using this method, if the computer that you use to store those delicate photos is lost or damaged, all the photos will still be available and safely stored on the cloud.

Easy Photo preview

Even though there might be many options to choose from for a cloud backup solution, none of them offer such easy accessibility and preview of photos. With Zoolz, photographers will be able to view previews of all camera photos (RAW format included) from a centralized location on the web.
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So no more worries about the vagueness of the files or requiring extra technology knowledge to be able to use the system. Choose Zoolz and practice your hobby or profession at its best.

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