Backup SMB and SOHO

Do you own a small/medium sized business? Are you looking to take initiative and go ahead with your startup business?

SMB’s and SOHO (small office/ home office) are becoming a growing trend as an alternative work or business model; whether your business type or industry is internet based or you work in retail, computers & electronics, arts & entertainment, media or any other type of small business, data and system protection is something you must ensure.

Timeline is a perfect solution for such scenarios; setup the backup to a connected NAS and enjoy the benefits of never having to worry about employees forgetting to backup, backups failing or missed schedules.


Finding your NAS from Timeline is easy, if you have the network drive already mapped the drive will appear directly in the recommended drives section of the page, alternatively you can use the “Select a different destination” button to have the option of manually entering the UNC path to your NAS or browsing to it in Windows Explorer like window.

You might ask “You mentioned system protection, does that mean if a computer crashes the employee can recover his pc without any significant down time?”

Yes, 24-hour Disaster Recovery backup ensures that your system can be recovered back to a previous working state along with up to date files and folders swiftly and painlessly.

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