Guinness world record holder trusts Genie Timeline 2.0

I have used many backup products that either slow down your computer take a large footprint and are mostly unwieldy and cumbersome to use, added to which you have to be more than just a computer user some require that you become a computer genius to use them…. and then along came the Genius of all backup programmes; Genius has been slightly shortened to become Genie and you only have to try Genie once to instantly realize here is something different. I stated by using Genie Backup Manager Professional a dream to use.I travel so much that my laptop suffers more bangs and knocks than most, so a totally reliable and easy to use backup system is essential and Genie provides this and much, much more.

Genie also have a support team that is helpful are also on Skype and other communications media so very easy to get in-touch and the response is always knowledgeable, polite, and quick. The other back up managers, the ones that need computer knowledge, don’t have the response time that Genie has and their answers are so ambiguous that once again you need to be more than a computer user to work out what their eventual reply is all about.

Then just as I thought that Genie was just about perfect they brought out Genie Timeline Version 2 for me this is the ultimate for a computer user like myself. Genie Timeline 2 after an easy installation does everything itself not shall I do this or shall I do that it does the thinking for you. After installation Genie Timeline Version 2 is the very essence of user friendly small footprint doesn’t slow down computer, one click and it does initial full back up, creates disaster recovery partition on your hard drive which really works I have tried it and it works perfectly. There are multiple choices as far as where you want to back up to external hard disk drive or other media. After full back up Timeline then just backs up any new files and an icon in the taskbar lets you know you are 100% protected. The Genie Timeline is easy to go back on the time line and look at files just as though you were in Windows Explorer. Since I have used Timeline 2 from Genie I haven’t had to touch it or make any adjustments to settings and yes I am 100% backed up to an external hard drive. Genie is Genius and it does exactly what it says on the box, brilliant ease of use, thanks Genie for producing the easiest safest system for people like me to use and make me feel like am expert without the knowledge.

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