We Found Nemo!

snow nemo

We have no idea when it started to be cool to name winter storms, but apparently the theme that’s trending is Cartoonish! With winter storm “Nemo” hitting many major states and cities in the US such as NYC, Massachusetts, New Jersey and many more it’s only logical to be adequately prepared for the worst. Regardless of where you are, one must always be ready so as to remain safe during such unfortunate events.
IT preparations are fast becoming the number one concern soon after employee safety that is of course.

So as to help you in the field we’re best at, we shall provide you with the 3 most imperative steps you ought to live by:

1) Always keep your data protected

Needless for much explanation and long speeches on how important it is to backup; everyone already knows Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” So why risk it?

2) Get in the habit of making backup copies, and do that frequently.

It does not only take a major tsunami to damage data; loss or damage happens all the time and yet such catastrophic conditions make it all the worse. Physical buildings are harshly affected by environmental damage and yet we must not fail to consider our digital information that can also be instantly lost. So, how are you prepared for such catastrophes?

3) Choose the right backup solution.

While this might be considered as negotiable or variable according to one’s personal preference, we do not think data loss is indeed negotiable. Whatever the circumstances, a good backup never fails its customers. So, unlike other solutions and services that will employ their own private servers, Zoolz is a real cloud backup solution where your data does not reside on one real physical location, but rather is deduplicated while in an encrypted state over a multitude of different locations.

So not Nemo, Shrek or Ratatouille will have you worried about your data if it’s on Zoolz! Download it today and stay protected and safe.