Top 10 Apps of the week!


February is here, and we start it off with a brand new Top 10 list, that is so versatile we’ll have you fitter than ever with laser vision, 007 swag and still crushing candy like a pro! Be sure to check our selection and let us know what your thought are!


1. Walking Text (Get it for your android) Free

We used to be mortified at the sight of people walking with their eyes locked down on their Smartphone, turns out it’s inevitable and we got into that habit as well! Thankfully, there’s a free app now that can help us all avoid falling in a huge fountain or worse an open manhole.


2. Fitocracy (Get it for your android) Free

Despite the fact that January is over, and most New Year’s resolutions end with it, we’re still determined to bring you the best and newest fitness Apps all year long. This little handy app uniquely melds excessive with a competitive process that “rewards” the completion of tasks, thus avoiding the label of “yet another fitness app” and better yet molding it into a well-developed life coach.


3. Umano (Get it for your android) Free

Umano was actually launched a couple of months ago on the iPhone, and now is available for Android users as well. This app provides excursionists as well as other users a curated selection of articles that are read to the users by voice actors. Give it a try!


4. Houzz Interior Design Ideas (Get it for your android) Free

We all know how troublesome it is to try to find inspiration for interior and exterior design, so this so called “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” ought to be the salvation for such problems. Houzz boasts itself for having the largest database of home design ideas on the net, with over 500,000 high resolution photos. Swap your design magazines for this virtual idea book!

5. Tile Launcher Beta (Get it for your android)Free

Whether you’re a Windows Phone enthusiast or not, at some point you’re going to have to cave in the idea of tiles; Microsoft’s pretty much putting them everywhere! On the Xbox, PC, tablet, they’re inevitable! If you do actually like tiles over icon though you’ll be pleased to try out this Beta App available now.


6. Hushed (Get it for your android) Free

Are you a Spy, Detective or better yet, James Bond? Well, this is the app you’ve been waiting for! Hushed allows you to create disposable phone numbers that you can use in 40 different countries. It resembles the Burner app for iPhone, yet Hushed transmits calls over data connections rather than over regular phone lines.


7. Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere (Get it for your android) Free

For those of you out there who are not enjoying the luxury of the latest Android version, it’s safe to say you are missing out on many things one of which is having a split screen that shows 2 different apps working at the same time. Having such an option is in need a gift from the tech geeks, especially if you are a businessman opting to go mobile rather than PC. Now with Swapps even Ice Cream Sandwichers or lower can enjoy this feature.


8. Ctrl+C (Get it for your android) Free

Sharing text, link URLs, news articles, jokes or any other words has never been quite easy. But with Ctrl+C it’s all possible and effortless. For those familiar with copy and paste commands, the app really could be called Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. Since it allows you to take text from one location and transition it to any chat window, any email, any text, etc.


9. Cloudnotion (Get it for your android) Free

We all loved “Message in a bottle” not only because of the charming Kevin Costner; it was more about receiving a surprise message from a stranger that seems so appealing. Well, how if you could enjoy such “serendipity” of sorts in this day and age? With Cloudnotion, a game based on GPS, users can leave message at the point they are, and once someone else is there, they can enjoy reading what others left.


10. Candy Crush Saga (Get it for your android) Free

Last but not least, we bring you the bejeweled addictive crazy game that has taken us by storm; Candy Crush. Here you have to match 3 or more like candies to break them away. While this might sound mundane and not original at all, you’ll find yourself hung up for those extra lives and eager to get to the next level.