Inspector gadget; What to get this season?

The fall season is almost upon us, hence all the tech rumors flying around for the toy season of the year. Christmas is right around the corner, and it won’t take you long to spot some new shiny gadget from Apple, Amazon or Google, encouraging you to spend your hard-earned cash. Nevertheless we’ve decided to aid you in keeping your pocket happy, and your tech-savvy heart even happier.

1. The new iPhone
Yes, once again, Apple has been able to stir things up with rumors flying for months now around their next flagship device that is set to hit the market just a few days from now; September 12th shall be the announcement and it should hit the markets by September 21st, as reported first by iMore in July.
Now, with all the rumors flying around, the only things we can predict regarding the new iPhone are: a bigger screen, a smaller dock connector, and 4G connectivity.

2. Nokia Windows Phone 8
Microsoft has certainly made substantial enhancements from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8, and Nokia will be producing the flagship device for the Redmond-based company. Amazingly, the new device has managed to stay under wraps, which is becoming quite a scarcity in the world of tech, the announcement has been scheduled for September 5th.

Nokia is finally seeing more clear skies with more good news; Verizon will be carrying the Nokia Windows Phone 8 device this year, according to Bloomberg. This is a good jump for the Finnish company and Microsoft, since Verizon practically eschewed the Windows Phone platform carrying only one device since its initial release in 2010.

3. Amazon Kindle Fire 2
Just behind Apple’s flagship tablet, the iPad, comes in the original Kindle Fire as the second highest-selling tablet even though it lacks many of the features that its competitors had. Well, this will not be true for very long. Many tech websites are reporting that the Kindle Fire 2 will integrate a higher resolution of 1280 x800 and a built-in camera, all this while reducing its weight and thickness. These enhancements will definitely put the Kindle Fire 2 on par with the new competitors such as the Nexus 7. The kindle Fire 2 will definitely be a big seller this fall, with a price that is expected to stay at $199 and a release date sometime this fall.

4. iPad Mini
The rumor of all rumors might just come to realization this magic fall. The smaller tablet is being built this year, after confirmation by Bloomberg and WSJ. Soon after this, news of the iPad Mini’s alleged parts began to leak,

which gave even more merit to the rumor.

Here is what we can actually confirm: the size has been consistent coming in at 7.85 inches, which is considerably larger than the 7-inch tablets currently available. The screen resolution reports have also been consistent, coming in at 1024 x 768, which is the same as the original iPad and iPad 2. That’s where the consistency stops and speculations turn up. Reported prices range from $199 to $350, and just as the new iPhone, no one can confirm what the inside will look like. Yet, what we do know is that if the iPad Mini will be released, stay tuned for it will be very soon.

5. New Nexus device
Last but not least, is Google’s soon to be released Nexus this fall, with a few bonuses. Unlike the norm, Google will not be selecting one company to build its once-a-year flagship device. This fall; Google seems to be opening up to multiple entities. As The Wall Street Journal reported, Google will be working with up to five manufacturers to build a stable of Nexus device, the first of which were the Nexus 7 ( produced by Asus) and the Nexus Q.
The next Nexus device, with two down, may be built by Samsung yet again.
Enhancements include better rear and front cameras, faster processor, and a microSD card slot,we may be getting the next Nexus device very soon.

This fall will certainly be one to remember. We hope we made your Christmas list a little more tech friendly and helpful. Let us know what you end up buying!

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