Stalking or Trying to Find the Stalker? – Top 5 Android Apps that do more than that!


So this edition of Top Apps of the Week has a different flavor to it; we’ve decided to theme- it- up a bit and kick start the September issue with the Stalking Apps of the week! Yes, whether you’re Sherlock Holmes, or simply the friendly girl next door, you’ll want to read this. From apps that stalk your boyfriend without him knowing so even if he’s the top Tech Guru, to simple apps that lock certain Apps and folders on your beloved Android. Be sure to let us know which ones you tried and what your thoughts were!

1. Hide pictures – KeepSafe Vault (Free)
We’re starting off the list with a simple app that allows you to hide photos and video files in a pin-protected gallery. Within the app itself, you’ll be able to view the photos with rotate, zoom, and slideshow. You’ll soon be a professional top secret agent, once you find out how easy it is to hide; just choose share on the file you want to hide and pick the KeepSafe app. This isn’t the most secure option on the market, since the app does not implement encryption; nevertheless it does include a couple of cool features.

Some of these cool features include entering a fake Pin which will thereon take you to another gallery which you can fill with dummy photos or videos to fool anyone who demands to see your vault; pretty cool huh? There’s another feature called Safe Send which allows you to send photos for a limited time. Though we don’t quite know how secure the self-destructing photo system actually is, so better be cautious with this one.

2. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos (Free)

Let us move on to a more serious option for those of you seeking a wider range of privacy options. This app allows you to hide photos as well as videos in an encrypted, password-protected vault on your Android device. Plus, you can hide contacts, text messages and call history. Once you add a contact, all calls and text messages from that person will no longer appear in your SMS folder or call logs.

If you take privacy seriously, and have disclosed information on your beloved device, you might want to consider upgrading to a premium version for $2.99 per month, for which you’ll be getting an online vault backup, a break-in monitor, which will photograph anyone entering a wrong password, as well as stealth mode which completely hides the app unless you enter a password in the phone dialer. Yup, this is no joking right here.

3. Phone Control (Free)
Well, this one is a tricky one, so you better pay attention. As many of you already know that there are a handful of apps that can be installed on Smartphones to track their location in case they get lost or stolen, but what if you found out that your phone has been tampered with and someone is keeping a close tab on exactly where you are at any given time? Better yet, they’re being notified of every single text you receive and what photos/videos you shoot! Scary, huh?  What’s even spookier is that the app itself is named under a brilliant alias so as the victim would not even notice its existence; the app shows up with the name “Android System” in the applications manager.

So, if you are one of those paranoid spouses and want to make sure of your better half’s fidelity then this is just the app for you, though we do not encourage such acts of jealousy.  Here is a list of what the app does in impeccable detail.

Yet, if it’s the other way round and you want to make sure you are not being stalked then lookout for these 3 major signs: A) Your phone is acting bizarrel; taking forever to shut off, lighting up for no reason, suddenly getting much shorter battery life or running hot when you’re not using it. B) Data usage skyrockets for no reason what so ever. C) All these signs started to show up after someone borrowed your device.

4. Hide Pictures in Vaulty (Free)

If you’re looking to hide photos and videos on your device, this is one of the first apps that you’ll come across. Fire up the app and choose whichever pictures or videos you’d want to add to your secure vault, another method for securing them though could be by selecting share on the photo or video itself and choosing Vaulty from the list. Whichever way you decide to implement, your photos and videos will end up in a hidden private gallery which can be either password or Pin protected. This means that you cannot access them from the file managers. From within the app itself, you will be able to view, search, zoom, share, filter, and rename photos as well, and you’ll find that filtering videos & selecting multiple files is easy breezy.
It’s undeniable that the mere existence of the Vaulty app signals that you have something to hide, despite the fact that nosy people cannot access them.

If all of these features do not comply with the level of confidentiality that you need then upgrade to the Vaulty Stocks for $4.99; it does exactly the same things listed above, the only difference is that it stores all those information behind a fake stocks lookup app.

5. Smart AppLock (Free)

If you’re one of those people that always lend their phone to friends for whichever reason it is; playing the next best game or showing the funniest video ever, then you ought to consider getting this app if you want to keep your private data private.
Smart AppLock is designed beautifully and yet fully protects your beloved Android. You simply select a list of protected apps ( the free versions only allows up to 8 apps at once) and from then on you’ll have to enter a lock pattern or password protection whenever you fire them up, as well as the App itself.

Be part of the smart crowd and download G Cloud today; it’s free!