Are you a pinner or a redditor?



We’ve decided to tackle two of the emerging social and sharing platforms that are as opposite as Barbie is to Matchbox cars; Pinterest vs Reddit. Well, the former is a platform that you can join by either receiving an invite from your friends that are already using it or requesting an invite, while the latter can be joined by simply registering.

To be absolutely truthful, Pinterest is indeed designed in a way that makes it more appealing to women; having visual boards and pins you can like & repin makes it quite easy to use; it’s not rocket science and its display is easy on the eye.

I’ve joined both platforms at almost the same time, yet Pinterest has proven to draw me more; maybe because reddit is too basic and reminds me of the 90s, don’t get me wrong, its authenticity is undoubtable, for you can definitely benefit from the diverse sections they call “subreddits”,  but it seems to have a crowd of its own that is made up mostly of young liberal students.It’s definitely underrated for its vast data base.

However, it seems that Pinterest is becoming a Mekkah for spammers and affiliates who can easily benefit from its lack of restrictions; posting pins with links to Amazon and other websites and getting high commissions when they are repinned or clicked. Some argue that this is not spamming ; one does not open something unwillingly, yet others say that this is misleading and invasive.

I believe its a bit of both, you ought not make profit simply from the ignorance of people. Sadly we live in a world where knowledge is power, so make sure you educate yourself and choose whichever platform answers your needs.

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