The Top 20 April pranks of 2012


Don’t be a fool this April! After reading and checking out all the latest web pranks of 2012 that are circulating around, we’ve decided you have to have hands on exposure on the top 20 most hilarious ones!

Google’s collection of Fibs:

Hats off to Google this year, yet again they have out done themselves and entertained us with numerous April pranks. Here are 8 that cracked us up:
Chrome Multi Tasking Mode (Link)
Google Fiber (Link)
Teleport me (Link)
Google Nigeria (Link)
The whole of youtube on DVD (Link)
Gmail tap (Link)
Google maps goes 8 bit (Link)
Really Advanced Search (Link)

Tech/ Geeky Fibs:

Are you a tech savvy? Here are the top 7 pranks that will surely have you laughing your socks off:
Conan O’brian takes over Mashable (Link)
Reddit (Link)
Android 5.0 Jelly Bean build leaked for the Galaxy Nexus (Link)
imgur’s new mascot the imguraffe! (Link) (Link)
Sony World’s Smallest Ultrabook™: The VAIO® Q(Link)
Toshiba introduces tablets that come in different shapes (Link)

Sports Fibs:

Even Arsenal fans can have a kick this April with this new fragrance ad

Arsenal launch new fragrance that smells of Emirates Stadium(Link)

Car lovers’ Fibs:

Car lovers are definitely not neglected this April with a collection of videos and ads.  Here are our favorite two:

BMW invents car that follows you as you run (Link)
Peugeot; Paint changes colour with your mood (Link)

Miscellaneous Fibs:

From dreams to being a secret agent to flying to the moon, here are some pranks that will surly make your day:
Secret service agent for a week (Link)
Virgin Holidays and Sir Richard Branson launch new currency (Link)
Cheap flights to the moon (Link)

Well, we couldn’t resist but to stretch the list to fit 20 pranks, but apparently everyone’s playing along this April, so don’t miss out on the fun, play along and fool someone today and make sure to share with us some of your own pranks.

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