De-clutter your life, one file at a time!

How often has the cleaning fever caught up with you? It seems it just did with me the other day.

While I was in the midst of trying to “de-clutter” my thoughts to do some creative thinking and writing, I realized I could not do so due to my jumbled up desk. From business cards, task lists and of course gum packs – it was a mess to say the least. Removing all this clutter allows our mind to better focus on the most important project at the moment: the one you are working on.

Little did I know that “clearing my head” required a lot more than merely activating the cleaning mode for my physical desk; my computer desktop was in a horrible situation as well. I do not know how organized you might be, but my digital life was in need of well let’s say, unifying and systemization. As we move to live in a more electronic life, I’m glad I only own 3 computers that I use on a daily basis; well and a tablet, as well as the compulsory Smartphone that even 5-year olds seem to be owning nowadays.

Zoolz came in very handy when I was reorganizing my music library. My taste in music seems to range from the most indie hipster band to the most mainstream over played track on the radio. While it might be enjoyable to have such a versatile collection, I can tell you from actual experience; it is a horrible feeling when all that hard found tracks seem to vanish into thin air with a single wrong click. Having a Cloud backup solution that offers Hybrid+ was like a gift from heaven. Hybrid+ is just like a hybrid Prius; you get the luxury of having all your files safe and sound while also, at any stage of the backup, you can enable Zoolz Hybrid+ to backup a copy of all your files to a local server, network or external drive. It zeros recovery time by intelligently prioritizing restoration of files from your local Hybrid+ storage instead of the online storage.

Do not get me started on photos; while I am not by any means a professional photographer, but I do enjoy my occasional picture taking talent as well as the non-arguable posing talent – yes, I’m modest like that-. I’ve found it incredibly useful the photo preview generation by Zoolz for all of my backed up camera photos as well as those of RAW format (that not many solutions offer, might I accent) so that I can have the peace of mind and luxury of viewing them all from a centralized location on the web.

While it might not be the most amusing of all tasks; but it is a must at some point or another before your clutter makes you qualify to be on Hoarders – trust me, if you’d want to appear on TV, that is even worse than appearing on Keeping up with the K Family. So get started, and de-clutter your way into an amazing end to this February.

If you have an abundance of music, photos or just plain documents lying all over your digital existence, then go for the Zoolz Home solution and thank me later. It is pretty much the sole solution that will get your stuff together for anytime as well as any place access.