Top 10 Apps of the week!


This week’s roundup of Apps is so out of this world that it will have your phone automatically adjusted according to the ambiance, as well as X-ploring, organizing, jaw dropping and even losing those hectic pounds before summer starts! Check out our selected choices and let us know what your thoughts are!


1. Intelligent Ringer (Get it for your android) Free

This little handy app is one that every one of us truly needs. It’s designed to analyze how loud your surrounding actually is, using your Smartphone’s microphone, so as to automatically adjust your ringtone accordingly. Let’s say, you’re at a concert or a party, this app will automatically make your ringtone louder. Likewise, if you’re at the library or at work your ringtone will lower down. It doesn’t even stop there; this app detects whether your device is in your pocket or purse through proximity sensors.


2. X-plore (Get it for your android) Free

Together with its many enhanced features, X-plore is indeed a brilliant way to look into an Android device’s file system. It is able to perform file operations along with accessing Picasa web albums, browse SQlite database files as well as explore shared folders on Windows servers and PCs.


3. AppGarden Lite (Get it for your android) Free

Disregard the dated user interface for this handy little app is lightweight and quite the compatible container that carries a huge array of utility applications. This includes a barcode scanner, conversion charts, Urban Dictionary lookup, password generator as well as many others. What’s also cool about it is that users can bookmark their favorite utility apps for easy access.


4. Google Keep (Get it for your android) Free

To start off, you’ll have to be running Android 4.0 or higher to be able to enjoy this app. It’s simple to use and is meant for quickly transcribing your thoughts so as you won’t forget them later on. It’s handy for groceries or to-do lists, and a bonus is that it’s synced to the cloud and accessible in your Google drive. Evernote look-alike? Humm try it out and see what fits you best.


5.G Cloud Backup (Get it for your android) Free

Phones get lost, stolen and misplaced every single day. In this hectic life we’re leading, it’s hard to remember where you placed your keys, so having a backup plan is always a must! With G Cloud installed, one can rest assured that all the precious contacts and data can never be lost. So G Cloud is definitely a must in 2013 especially with the new update that grants you up to 8 GB of free storage!


6. UP by Jawbone (Get it for your android) Free

This is more than just an App; if you’re into the fitness realm you’ll already know that there is a wrist band that goes together with the app. This gadget, let’s say, records daily activity & sleep efficiency. It’s comfortable around the wrist and includes a vibrating silent alarm. The app is beautifully designed and worth checking out.


7. Airport power (Get it for your android) Free

We know how stressful it is to locate the power sockets in an airport when you’re rushing to catch your flight. So, this handy little app ought to aid you in this endeavor. This is a crowd-sourced app though; so it does require the help of as many people as possible to make it more beneficial. So next time you’re standing near a power socket in an airport, submit it!


8. Shoot many robots (Get it for your android) Free

This game was originally released for Xbox live as well as the PlayStation network (PSN) and then, a month later, came out on PC. Now Android users can enjoy playing it as well. You’ll get to play as Tugnut, who’s been stockpiling guns, ammo and beer waiting for the robot apocalypse. Once he’s shoved unceremoniously out of his RV, he makes his way through farmlands and oil fields, switching lanes to avoid obstacles, picking up nuts and blasting robots all along his merry way.


9. News Republic (Get it for your android) Free

While you might be already satisfied with Pulse or even Google’s little news app, this is earning up to be a considerable alternative. It is not flashy and it does still lack many key features but it is worthy of checking out. It’s customizable, more elastic and elaborate.


10. Chip Chain (Get it for your android) Free

We could not leave you with only one game this week, so here is our other selected choice. Chip Chain is basically a match-3 title in which players need to implement strategy to continually match low-value chips to create higher ones in order to score points. Though you might think it’s like poker, it’s actually not. Try it out and let us know what you think.