Apple releases two new ads you should see today!

Two new highly vivacious ads have just been released by Apple for the iPad that flaunts some of the 300,000+ apps tailored for its tablet lineup.
The first ad, “Alive”, skims through the adjectives “loud”, “deep” and “alive” to accent and emphasize interactive apps such as GarageBanad, TED and iMovie.

The second commercial, “Together”, accentuates the adjectives “wild”, “bright” and “together”.

The whole campaign is centered towards the fact that the iPad is intended to be used for creative and engaging activities, alternatively to be used just as a passive consumption of content. Despite the early criticism that was targeted at the original iPad; stating it was befitting consumers rather than creators, the versatility of apps in the App Store, including Apple’s very own titles – as iMovie and GarageBand- have proved the allegations wrong.Cisco 640-816

Apple declared in January that it had sold 22.9 million iPads just in the last quarter. However, its dominance in the tablet area has receded as rivals have soon caught up with their own offers.