This is the end…Hold your breath, grab these Apps and count to 10!


So if the Mayans were right, and tomorrow is in fact the end of the world, then this is the article you ought to be reading. We got you covered for the apocalypse from survival kits all the way to Apps that will get you in better shape than Ryan Gosling.


1. Fiscal Guarantee (Get it for your android) Free

Let’s face it, with today’s economy; it’s much more probable that you’ll be stroke with a financial crises than one caused by nature. So first things first, get all your financials sorted out and even have some money put away as an emergency fund with this smart handy little app called “Debt Planner & Calculator”.


2. Edible Material (Get it for your android) Free

Whether we’re hit with a financial crises or hit with an end of the world earthquake, chances are we won’t be making it to the supermarket any time soon. Yet, food is essential and so we got you covered to enjoy a lovely meal even if it was “the last supper”. Grab this Grocery Smarts Coupon App to help you save on this expensive dinner shopping spree.


3. 72- Ready (Get it for your android) Free

“Preppers” are have their “grab-and-go” bag ready and put for tomorrow, that includes everything a 72-hour kit should contain to survive for at least a week in advance. But, if you’re not an expert on preparing survival kits, then with a US military survival guide you’re set to go. With 23 chapters that range from mental preparations to surviving dangerous animal attacks, you’re more than ready for any apocalypse.


4. Ready to Run for it (Get it for your android) Free

Well, anyone who’s watched The Hunger Games knows the importance of physical fitness when it comes to surviving. So this one is a no-brainer; with this free workout App, you can enjoy getting a private trainer that will sculpt you in every way so that you’d be more than prepared for when “real” emergency emerges. Motivate your friends to train with you, so that none of them gets left behind because of their lack of fitness.


5. Extreme Prepping (Get it for your android) Free

If you’ve followed all of the steps mentioned above, well then you’re truly a trooper and set to survive any circumstance. Yet, if you’re still not certain and need further reassurance well you can download The Survival Podcast apps that offers great tips, videos and other resources for “when times get tough, or even if they don’t”.