Miiverse: the new social hub!

miiverseheaderimWho says Nintendo is outdated? The company unveiled yesterday during its pre-E3 broadcast their next destination; the turbulent waters of social networking!

Yes, you read it correctly; Nintendo’s new Wii U console will be embracing social networking through their new Miiverse which, in short, will serve as means for people to share thoughts, make friends, and discuss games, swap notes, post doodles, offer guides for games as well as a multitude of other interactions.
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No more walled-garden philosophy for Nintendo, as the Miiverse will not only be accessible on the Wii U, but on the 3DS, PC and – efficaciously- the iPhone and other smartphones.

It seems that Nintendo is abandoning all of its old habits, allowing the Miiverse to be attainable even on games that offer no connectivity.

The eminent Mii plaza, first introduced on the Wii, will now open its gates to more friends and connections. Wii U is going to be the new social hub and new hang out spot for those playing the same games. Miis shall be saved on the system itself, as well as friends getting connected!

Nintendo’s ultimate aspiration is to refashion the Mii plaza and convert it into a comprehensive, live forum for all Wii U users.

Further features included video conferencing, with the Wii U tablet controller filming the user while the TV screen displays the signal from the other end, as demonstrated in the video:

The presentation,by the firm’s global president Satoru Iwata, said that when users turned on their console it would show animated avatars on the television screen flocking towards the most popular games at that time.

Company president, Satoru Iwata, designated the Miiverse as being an extensive online social hub, and to showcase how seriously Nintendo is taking online gaming, it will be the first thing gamers would see when switching on their new console.

We do not know yet how successful this new social hub would actually be, however, time and the masses will surly tell.

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