Apple; apps using Dropbox’s SDK are rejected!


Apple doesn’t seem to want to get off its high horse according to the latest PandoDaily’s report on a support thread in Dropbox’s user support forums.

iOS app developers probably already know that the submission process can be quite a hassle; Apple provides developers with a HIG ( Human Interface Guidelines) that ought to be followed, yet it seems obscurities are inevitable when dealing with all-mighty Apple.

However, there is one specific barrier causing a stir among app developers, specifically apps that use the Dropbox SDK. Apparently a considerable number of apps are being rejected lately due to Apple’s rules and legislations that force developers to remove links in iOS apps that allowed for external subscriptions or purchases to be made — unless the same transaction was also available as one of Apple’s in-app purchases.

Yes, that’s right, if a service isn’t using Apple’s in-app purchase platform, it can’t provide an outside link to purchase a subscription service.

Apparently, the controversy at hand is the way Dropbox’s new SDK handles the authorization of third-party apps: it sends users to a page in Safari where they can grant access. However, that same page also allows new users to create accounts, after which they could drill down through Dropbox’s site and upgrade to a paid account. Apple does not applaud that.

Apple’s response to “faulty apps” was as follows:

“We found that your app provides access to external mechanisms for purchases or subscriptions to be used in the app, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.
Specifically, your app enables to user to create accounts with Dropbox and Google.”

Dropbox’s initial maneuver to try to surmount this was by removing a link to the desktop version of the site, but the review team still rejected apps. Dropbox’s team did not give up that easily though, and plunged into the forums with a new SDK released that gets rid of the hindrance. A long term solution is on the way, maybe as soon as next week.

One would think Apple might have learnt by now, with Samsung being the new crowned king of mobiles, that playing hard to get and greedy does not get you far, quite the opposite!

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