Mozy Drops Unlimited Backup Plans, Users Look for Less Expensive Alternatives

Online backup company Mozy has officially announced that it is dropping its popular unlimited storage plan and raising its prices for all new users and existing customers. Mozy explains that the cost of online backups has increased and therefore they had to increase the prices for the users as well, so now existing users who have already uploaded a large amount of data that exceeds the new plans limits are going to have to pay the extra charges for the rest of their plan, so needless to say people are starting to look for Mozy alternatives.

While the prices of online backup services are increasing and it has become very expensive to afford a yearly plan of online backups, if you search BestBuy or for the prices of an external hard drive unit that has 1 TeraByte of space (that is 1000 GB’s) you will find that a cost of a drive from even the best brands costs a lot less for something that you will only have to purchase once and can use for many years to come. Backing up your computer’s data and lifetime of photos, music, office files, financial documents, internet bookmarks and your email has become a necessity. Although storage mediums are wide spread and can easily be obtained, finding reliable backup software that combines an easy to use interface with all the backup functionality and requirements might prove hard.
Genie Timeline 2.1 is a time machine backup software for Windows that automatically and continuously backs up music files, videos, photos, documents, files and folders on your machine with little or no user intervention. With Genie Timeline, there is no need to know what to backup, where or what backup strategy to follow as it does it all for you. Just set it and forget it!

Winner of the best continuous data protection on the market, the idea behind Timeline is to connect it to your external hard drive or NAS and leave it to do its job.
So a cheap and reliable alternative to Mozy and all online backup utilities can be brought down to two things, an external storage device and Timeline 2.1