Your body is the controller; Microsoft Kinect is the future of gaming

What Is Xbox 360 Kinect?

Kinect is the new controller from Microsoft for the Xbox 360 gaming console, it is more of a peripheral than a controller that you can hold in your hand, it consists of a camera that uses infrared scanning to track you movements around a room transforming your body into a controller.

Kinect was formerly known as Project Natal

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and videos on the internet showed how advanced the camera is with facial recognition, gesture recognition and a very advanced UI.
You can watch videos showing some of the future titles that are going to be released for Kinect by checking out this post on CrunchGear.

Other goodies with Kinect include a microphone so you can talk to the 360, a separate menu system than you’ve known on the 360 and Skype-like chat software called “videokinect” to sweeten the deal.
You can check out Kinect’s press release that contains pricing information and how it is going to be compatible with the new slim Xbox 360 Microsoft is planning to release.