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Meet Zoolz 2.0 ; transfer your data to Amazon Glacier with Zoolz


Humans err; that is a well-known fact that no one can deny, and those errors are the top reasons for data loss. The other major cause for data damage is the deficiency of storage conditions.

If you study the different methods available for storing your data, you’ll surly come to the conclusion that entrusting your beloved documents to the servers and engineers of major cloud companies such as the likes of Amazon and its S3 is the best option out there.

We cannot overlook the fact that Amazon S3 has been an alluring option for quite some time now. However, it is not a practical option for those seeking more archival backup. Amazon, being the mind-reader of people’s needs, noticed this and introduced Amazon Glacier a few months ago. This new game changer is ideal for backing up data that is infrequently accessed and yet important to keep. Glacier has many attractive features that start with its supremely low cost, durability and high security.

Some people seem to still be skeptical regarding the new service, and continue to complain about it not being easy for the end user. Nonetheless, this is not a problem with Amazon; for its job is to provide the secure Clouds and software and it is here where Zoolz comes along to perfect the equation. With the introduction of Zoolz 2.0, the next generation of data backup solutions, it combines the best of both worlds (S3 and Glacier). You have the comfort of choosing where your data goes; either to S3 or to Glacier. The comfort does not stop there, for even if you chose to “ice” your data into Glacier, with Zoolz, you’ll be able to enjoy instant data browsing, instant search and even thumbnail view for all your backed up photos (whereas with Glacier on its own, you’d have to wait for 12 hours to view what you’ve just backed up).

Meet Zoolz

Furthermore, Zoolz 2.0 is a complete comprehensive storage solution where you can backup desktops, laptop, external storage, network locations and even servers. Zoolz 2.0 leverages Amazon Glacier very beautifully by adding encryption, deduplication, web viewing as well as browsing.

With simply installing Zoolz you will instantly make your life easier, especially if you take a look at its many enticing features such as the introduction of Cold Storage TM ; which is the future of all backup solutions. Not to mention the user management that is tailored for the ease of every client.

All in all, Zoolz is the perfect business solution for both corporate and home users, and with its compelling prices, you can even save some extra money on the side for that expensive Christmas list you are bound to buy.

So sign up now for a free 50 GB trial.

Have you “Spotted The Android” yet?


“Spot the Android” Competition is still going and going strong! With lots of Facebook and Twitter enthusiasts sending us their unique pictures, we’ve decided to share some of our favorites as a source of inspiration for others! Don’t miss this chance of winning a brand new Samsung Galaxy G S3 plus an unlimited G Cloud Android account so that you won’t even have to worry about losing or misplacing your new Smart phone; yes that is putting the “Smart” in Smartphones!

Here is the link for more information about the contest but make sure to enter before the 8th of October.

Here is a collage of our favorite pictures so far, be sure to be part of the hip crowd and join the competition!


Be part of the smart crowd and download G Cloud today; it’s free!

“Spot the Android” Competition!


In need of a new smartphone yet don’t have enough money left from your summer vacation? Well, then enter our competition “Spot The Android” for a chance to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 plus an unlimited lifetime G Cloud Backup account.

Interested? This is how to win:

1- Take a photo of the Android logo taken by you wherever you spot it (but make it original).

2- Social?

Facebook users; make sure to like Genie9’s fanpage then click on the competition tab and submit the photo of your choice with the Android logo of course.

Twitter users; make sure to follow us @GCloudAndroid , mention us and include the hashtag “#SpotTheAndroid” in the tweet.

3- Install G Cloud Android on your device for Free to double your chances of winning.

** One random winner will be selected by

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the end of the competition.

*** Ending date is the 8th of October 2012.

For more details read our Rules & Regulations

Smart phone Data loss infograph

Ever looked at your precious Smartphone and wondered; how many people living on our planet right now hold such a set? Or perhaps you’ve wondered how many of those walking down the streets of NY, looking for a better life, end up losing their cherished data in a moment of haste! Well, after conducting much research, you’d be surprised by many of the perplexing facts we’ve encountered while gathering this hopefully intriguing infograph. Leave us your comments and let us know what you think.

infoGraph3 (2)

Never worry about losing your Android with this free App!


With over 70 million smartphones getting lost every single year and only 7% being actually recovered, we ought to immediately think of a way to protect ourselves and our digital life.

For the first time ever, we are introducing a free App for all Android users that effortlessly and seamlessly protects all that is important to you. With G Cloud backup all you have to do is select what you want to include in the backup and you’re done! Just wait for a few moments and you won’t ever have to worry about losing your phone again. Upgrading to a new Android just got a whole lot easier as well!

Long gone are the days when phone backup meant having an SD card; with G Cloud everything is encrypted with supreme security and you won’t have to be burdened with doing anything other than selecting what you want to backup. Point and click and whatever happens to your phone next ( gets lots, stolen, thrown in the garden or simply replaced by a new one) will no longer be of any importance.

Be part of the smart crowd and download G Cloud today; it’s free!