Top 10 Apps of the week!

Looking for new apps for your Android phone or tablet? Check out our weekly round-up for the latest apps and click on the links to download them for free.



1. Javelin Browser (Get it for your android) Free

If you’re looking for an alternative to Chrome or your default browser, you could do a lot worse than Javelin. This stylish app has an impressively functional UI, and it’s also got a focus on privacy, with a built-in incognito mode, reading mode, and ad blocker, and a proxy service (for a recurring fee, free trial available). Its excellent use of space makes it handy for phones and tablets alike.



2. Coursera (Get it for your android) Free

Coursera is a service that lets you take real college courses from real universities, online and for free. The official Android app is now available, giving cyber-students access to lectures and other course materials while on the go. As a nice bonus, you can also download videos locally, so you won’t be left out of the loop if you get stuck on a plane or in a poor reception area. The app also lets you enroll and notifies you of upcoming courses..



3. (Get it for your android) Free

Learning a new language is hard, but one of the most universally-accepted tools for doing it are flash cards. is a set of pre-made flash cards for a ton of languages, including most of the big ones from Europe and east Asia, that you can use to quickly and effectively expand your vocabulary. You can also personalize your cards with notes, and there are a few games included for kicks.


4. G Cloud backup (Get it for your android) Free

Have you checked out the latest update with G Cloud? The backup app you’ll want to download on your Droid. With the new enhancements, you can view your backedup items in a Cloud Gallery, upgrade your account to Unlimited Storage with a pivotal price as well as locating your Android for Free and tons more! If you want to backup all your app&game settings just download the key for rooted from here!

5. Inkling eBooks – Beta (Get it for your android) Free

Do you want books that are more than just books? While most readers are content to simply display text, Inkling takes things a bit further in the name of education. The textbooks offered in the app include animated diagrams, at least some voice narration, offline access, integrated search, and embedded video. They aren’t cheap (and they might take some getting used to), but the app includes a free sample to try out the service..



6. PackPoint packing (Get it for your android) Free

Every time we travel, without fail, we will forget something, inevitably costing us time and money at the destination. PackPoint is like a coach for your packing session, letting you know what you’ll need to bring based on both the occasion and the location. Going somewhere cold and rainy? It won’t let you forget an overcoat and umbrella. Heading out of the country? It’ll remind you to pack your passport and visa. The app is nicely presented and has presets for both men and women.



7. KMPlayer (Get it for your android) Free

KMPlayer is one of the most popular media players among desktop power users, long admired for its wide file support and excellent subtitle implementation. Now it’s got an Android port, and the same focus on a wide array of features has made it to the mobile platform. A ton of file types and codecs are supported, and the swipe-based interface can change the speed, screen ratio, volume, and next/back functions without leaving the main player. There’s also a small file explorer integrated into the app.



8. Downtyme (Get it for your android) Free

Workin from home means that going into the nearest big city isn’t so much a regular occurrence as a trip to Mordor, thus meaning not spending as much time with friends as one ought to. Downtyme attempts to rectify these situations, connecting you with your friends by analyzing your schedule (calendar) then shows you the friends you have nearby when you’ve got free time. It’s not a perfect situation, since you’re still relying on others who may or may not be free, but it’s certainly novel.



9. Knock Lock (Get it for your android) Free

Tap your phone in a certain area and it will go to sleep. It’s an interesting idea, especially if you have an irrational fear of
power buttons, but not an original one: this is basically LG’s “KnockOn” add-on feature in reverse.




10. Impala (Get it for your android) Free

Instagram is good for taking an ordinary photo and making it special, or at least a little bit more interesting. But if you don’t trust yourself to choose from the various filters, Impala will do it for you, automatically selecting an appropriate filter for the photo you just took. (It doesn’t actually integrate with any sharing systems, you’ll have to do that manually.) Check out the middle screenshot below: the developers clearly know their audience.


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