Top 10 Apps of the Week!


Looking for new apps for your Android phone or tablet? Check out our weekly round-up for the latest apps and click on the links to download them for free.


1. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Get it for your android) Free

One of the greatest adventures of all time re-mastered for mobile devices! Speed back in time and discover the game that first united Sonic the Hedgehog with his amazing flying sidekick Miles “Tails” Prower. Run through high speed levels packed with enemies and hazards as you zoom along loop de loops in your mission to destroy the devious Dr. Eggman.


2. iCountTimer Free (Get it for your android) Free

iCountTimer combines the power of timer and a counter and wraps it with an elegantly designed user interface making it a sleek, simple and effective workout app. Be it sports, yoga, bodybuilding, interval training or other fitness requirements, this app can easily fit in and accelerate your progress.


3. Dolphin Zero (Get it for your android) Free

Yes, we know that Chrome has Incognito Mode. But when you’re cruising the web, going through your perfectly upstanding and lawful websites, it’s all too easy to forget to enable it before visiting a (ahem) sensitive area. Dolphin Zero solves that issue, because it’s an always-on private browser that doesn’t keep any history, form data, cache, or even favicons.


4. G Cloud backup (Get it for your android) Free

Phones get lost, stolen and misplaced every single day. In this hectic life we’re leading, it’s hard to remember where you placed your keys, so having a backup plan is always a must! With G Cloud installed, one can rest assured that all the precious contacts and data can never be lost. You can get up to 10GB of free storage, and with the new update, G Cloud 3.0 grants you web view access and many more new features. If you want to backup all your app&game settings just download the key for rooted from here!


5. News+ | Google News RSS Reader (Get it for your android) Free

Fare thee well, Google Reader, but now that you’re gone a new generation of RSS apps are rising to fill your enormous shoes. News+, for example, is probably the slickest and most feature-filled pure RSS reader to come out of the Play Store in some time. It comes from the same developer as the much-loved Greader.


6. Rec. (Screen Recorder) (Get it for your android) Free

Got root? Got Android 4.4? Then you need to try Rec. It’s the slickest, easiest way to give a user interface to KitKat’s built-in screen recording function, with easy start and stop and a laundry list of features. If you’re a developer who needs to show off your app (or a gadget blogger who’s too lazy to bust out the ADB) it’s a handy tool.


7. Cover Lock Screen (beta) (Get it for your android) Free

There hasn’t been a whole lot of innovation in the lockscreen arena since Google added widgets in Jelly Bean 4.2, but Cover puts a whole new twist on the standard. The basic idea is that you can launch your most-used apps with a swipe, not unlike the custom lockscreens on HTC and Samsung devices. But the twist comes in the implementation: swipe the app just a bit, and you’ll get a live preview “peek,” allowing you a richer and more useful alternative to Android’s notification alerts.


8. Dark Legends (Get it for your android) Free

Platform-adventure An Alien with a Magnet was critically acclaimed on iOS, and while it may not be the most famous name this week, it’s one of our favourite new Android games this year. It sees you trying to get the alien hero back to his planet through the use of magnets.


9. Coach’s Eye Free (Get it for your android) Free

You can’t fix what you can’t see! Coach’s Eye provides video capture with slow-motion review, drawing tools, and simple sharing. Improve your game with on-the-spot video analysis! Record your players and instantly show them how to improve, right on the field. Refine your pitcher’s fastball, analyze your golf swing, easily break down a volleyball serve, improve soccer skills, or even demonstrate weightlifting form. Every coach, parent and athlete needs the edge Coach’s Eye delivers.


10. Polar Beat – Fitness Coach (Get it for your android) Free

Polar Beat is a training and exercise app that goes beyond just recording workouts. It actually interprets your workout data, so you’ll know what your body has achieved and what you can do to more effectively meet your goals.

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