Santa; thank you for this holiday offer!



You better watch out .. You better not cry … Better not pout.. I’m telling you why.. The G Cloud  team is coming to town with a great Cloud backup offer!

This year, the team behind G Cloud Backup has decided to reward all of you Android users for being so good with this special Christmas offer.

Normally, the price for upgrading to the 16GB storage plan would cost you $16 but thanks to this offer it will only cost you $4.99 ; yup we are that generous.

In case you are not that tech savvy and do not know what all this G Cloud or Cloud storage we’ve been talking about means, simply click here and poof you’ll instantly know. Well, not instantly; you’ll have to read a bit but we promise it is pretty easy to comprehend.

Be sure to have G Cloud installed on your Android (if you don’t have it yet, install it for free from here). Get the latest update and tap on the “Upgrade” button.

Enjoy and happy holidays!