Top 10 Apps of the week!


Looking for new apps for your Android phone or tablet? Check out our weekly round-up for the latest apps and click on the links to download them for free.


1. Cal – Calendar by (Get it for your android) Free

Do you need a good calendar app? Do you need a good calendar app that’s impeccably beautiful? Then check out Any.DO’s Cal, a top iOS iCal alternative that just made the jump to Android. Cal features all the stuff you need in a typical calendar app and then some, and wraps it all up in a functional, minimal, readable interface that focuses on content.


2. Birthday App (Get it for your android) Free

Absolutely free app with simple and clean design will help you to receive notifications of all your friends’, family’s and other peoples’ birthdays. If you have a lot of contacts in social networks such as Facebook, Vkontakte or Google Contacts, you can combine all of them in this app easily.


3. myMail (Get it for your android) Free

Another week, another alternative email app. This one features a modern interface, some impressive notification settings, and a lot of pre-configured mail services, but there isn’t a whole lot in myMail to sway you away from Gmail if that’s how you roll. According to the description it’s specifically designed to stay fast under a heavy load of messages and contacts thanks to a unique compression system.


4. G Cloud backup (Get it for your android) Free

Phones get lost, stolen and misplaced every single day. In this hectic life we’re leading, it’s hard to remember where you placed your keys, so having a backup plan is always a must! With G Cloud installed, one can rest assured that all the precious contacts and data can never be lost. You can get up to 10GB of free storage, and with the new update, G Cloud 3.0 grants you web view access and many more new features. If you want to backup all your app&game settings just download the key for rooted from here!


5. Shine (Get it for your android) Free

Misfit Shine is another activity tracker, this time shaped like a hockey puck from the future. The Android app lets you track steps, sleep patterns, and other activities, and set your fitness goals right on your device… So long as it’s got BLE support, which generally means Android 4.3 or later.


6. FIFA (Get it for your android) Free

Hey look, it’s the official FIFA app! Not to be confused with the EA game, this is FIFA’s official scheduling and stats app, covering all the major soccer (football) leagues across the world. Apparently there are 197 of them, which kind of blows our mind, because we can’t even remember all the starting QBs in the NFL. The app itself is quite pretty, and it does the standard sports app stuff with personalized lists, news, and updates.


7. Bills Reminder Lite (Get it for your android) Free

Keep getting those nasty late payment fees? Download this mobile bill organizer into your Android smartphone now and get daily reminders to pay your bills on time every time! No more easy money for the banks! Simply key in your payment amount and due date and this bill tracker app will notify you in advance when your bill payment is coming due.


8. TaoMix – Relaxing Sounds Mixer (Get it for your android) Free

Easily create your own relaxing and evolving sound environments, to help you sleep, relax or even concentrate. TaoMix is different by its intuitive interface, its neat and minimalist design and the unique possibility for your atmosphere to evolve randomly and at your own speed: let yourself be carried away by your own atmosphere which can be different every time!


9. Redirect File Organizer (Get it for your android) Free

Redirect File Organizer finally offers a way to automatically organize your files. The concept is simple; you create a ‘Redirect/s’ in my app that contains some info about how you want your device organized (e.g. Move Movie and Video files to the /movies folder). Once you’ve created it, the app will automatically organize however you have told it to.


10. VSCO Cam® (Get it for your android) Free

The popular iOS camera app comes to Android. The Standard of Mobile Photography. Available for most Android 4.0+ devices. Utilizing their innovative processing technology, VSCO Cam yields elegant results, previously unattainable on Android.

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