No need to fight; everyone in the Tech industry agrees on this!


It is Wednesday again and time for our Techie blog of the week. Don’t run away just yet, you know we can make even Cloud Computing sound funky and fun. This week we will be tackling large businesses; yes we have our eyes on you big fellas and today we will be pleading our appeal for Cloud Storage adoption with an expedited hearing ( a little too much Law & Order, hum maybe).

1) Centrally Accessible Data

If you are indeed a big company, chances are you have branches on different locations and that is precisely why Cloud storage services come in handy. You want to make sure all company records are being maintained properly; certifying that business documents and files are kept at a one central location and all the employees can access them from their own stations. Many large corporations such as banks use Cloud storage for this reason only.

2) Securely Backed up Data

While having your data easily accessible is very much needed, it will not be that beneficial if the software did not actually protect the data from any potential hacks, viruses and malware. Security measures include heavy military grade encryption to protect the data making it only accessible by the original user. Each user is given exclusive credentials to access their Cloud storage account and then only they are the ones responsible for giving permission to others to access their content.

3) Cost efficient for Businesses

It doesn’t take much calculations; integrating a cloud storage technology into your business strategy will save you the burden and cost of physical file storage. By doing so, you will be also saving time and thus indirectly saving money that would’ve been wasted trying to physically access the files.
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In short:

These three are only the major reasons for why users have to adopt a Cloud storage solution. However, we cannot neglect an important benefit from implementing such a technology into your strategy; natural disasters. Unfortunate climate changes are inevitable and the most recent proof is the terrible typhoon that hit the Philippines. While there are more critical issues at hand once that occurs, major businesses and even regular users will worry about losing important documents, pictures and such. Implementing a Cloud storage technology will reduce such incidents preventing you from additional heartache.

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