Why the…Cloud?


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There is absolutely no need of convincing anyone in this day and age to backup their data in the cloud; if you have not backed up your stuff then you are living on a prayer as Bon Jovi would say.
Nonetheless, a misapprehension still remains that if all of your data is in the cloud it means it is already backed up. Wrong. Today we will provide ways to help you in your quest of promoting cloud backup to your beloved boss as well as executive team.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Once you have your executive team lined up, keep it short and focused on the primary goals of your institution. Day in day out the allocated budget for data security gets tighter, so you have to provide a reasonable thought out argument as to how a cloud backup solution would both meet your organization’s long term vision as well as budget.

Here are 3 arguments you can easily incorporate regardless of what company you are working for:
1. A proper cloud provider will help in the plumping up of your business.
2. Data loss will hinder the customer experience and thus cause you a loss in profit.
3. A proper cloud provider will cater the tools that each employee requires to perfect their job.

The need for speed… Oops we mean backup

As Rex Stout once said: “There are two kinds of statistics, the kind you look up and the kind you make up.” Be sure to implement the first not the latter and pair it with frightening credibility and context and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Not sure what kinds of statistics to look up? Here are some pointers regarding the most frequent causes of data loss:

1. User blunder: by far the most common cause of data loss.
2. Security rupture: hackers are becoming more and more competent thus forming more threats than ever.
3. Third party app malware: as secure as app developers try to be, there is no denying they’re human at the end of the day and can release a bugged app; a chance for hackers to strike.
4. Fraudulent employee: while user error might be common, it might not be coincidental. Always be on the lookout for any vindictive former employees.
5. Software glitch: it is undeniable that service outage and account interruption can occur.

Cloud backup is a necessity not a luxury

If you really want to persuade your executives to adopt a cloud backup solution, then your killer argument is to compare cloud backup to classic hardware backup to better showcase the advantages of the switch.
There is no hardware to worry about with cloud to cloud backup, no maintenance costs and no hassle. Instead of buying and maintain hardware as well as software, you will most probably pay a monthly or yearly fee. Add to that the ample free time your team will now have to work on more complex IT issues.
With these points you will unquestionably have paved the way for an overall face lift for your entire organization and thus making your superiors impressed and ready to adapt.

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