Cloud Computing; why so serious?


Are you an avid music downloader with a library larger than that of a hipster? No? Then we bet you are an eager Vine watcher, with tons of hilarious videos under your belt. Still no mention of your passion? Well, then you must be an avid photographer with better snaps than any Instagram royalty. If you are any of all of the above, then you must have faced the dilemma of keeping all those files on your computer or not. They are indeed precious data but they are taking so much space that you are running out of storage. Well brace yourselves for you are not alone. Millions of users around the globe have been in this situation facing the same problem and yet they have failed to notice that the answer was lying in front of them this whole time; Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing originated just to fix this issue. Despite the fact that it is available pretty much anyone, a lot of people still do not use it terrified of “the unknown”.

Not to be mistaken, Cloud Computing has been around for a very long time and is not a new idea whatsoever, but it has gained popularity only recently. This is how it works in plain English; it basically allows users to employ storage space on remote internet servers instead of their own devices. Not that difficult to comprehend, right? Then why are so many folks still using it out of the proper context? Maybe it is the name that is so confusing!

When you typically think of clouds, you do not usually associate it with storage space. Yet, fluffy white beds of snow floating in the sky come to your mind. So it makes sense that the majority of the people get confused when you tell them about “cloud” computing.

So would the change of name bring any reassurance? Maybe, but choosing the right solution also aids in this matter a whole lot. Give this video a look and let us know what you think. Cheers: