From fiction to reality? Decide for yourself


So, last month saw the launch of Samsung’s “very innovative” Galaxy Gear SmartWatch that connects the Galaxy Smartphone through Bluetooth and serves the purpose of an Android device minus the need to actually touch the phone.

Samsung has decided to stay away from the regular route and rather than pushing forth the practicality of the Smartwatch it is advertising it as a gadget envisioned by fiction writers years ago and thus Samsung has brought it to real life. The very first Samsung Galaxy commercials are uploaded on YouTube and we have to admit, they are quite awesome.

“Evolution”, one of its ads, showcases a number of prototypes of Smartwatches from different sci-fi shows such as Dick Tracy, The Jetsons, Mighty Morphin, Power Rangers and Inspector Gadget. Before transforming into the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the tagline turns up: “After all these years, it’s finally real.”

“A Long Time Coming”, which is the second ad also shows scenes from different old-school sci-fi series that portray characters talking to their watches, just before the Samsung Galaxy Gear pitches its tagline “The Next Big Thing is Here”.

Both ads make you go for a stroll down memory lane to a time when the idea of a Smartwatch was exclusively a belonging of fictional characters and then it cleverly pitches the Galaxy Gear as the one who made those dreams come to reality. We cannot deny that this does portray smart marketing from the Korean company, and it is much needed with the high price tag of $299 considering it did not live up to the very high expectations it had been set up for. What do you think? Will you be buying a Smartwatch from any vendor any time soon?