Top 10 Apps of the Week!


We know how hectic it can get to try to spot the best out of the latest flood of Android Apps,therefore, we attempt to bring you la crème de la crème each week, and here is our selection for this week.


1. Telekinesis Kyle (Get it for your android) Free

Side-scrolling platformer Telekinesis Kyle sends players through puzzle-heavy levels, in which they’ll have to use Kyle’s telekinetic abilities to manipulate objects and clear the way forward.


2. HabitRPG (Get it for your android) Free

A habit-building program which treats your life like a Role Playing Game. Level up as you succeed, lose HP as you fail, earn money to buy weapons and armor, compete with your friends.


3. G Cloud backup (Get it for your android) Free

Phones get lost, stolen and misplaced every single day. In this hectic life we’re leading, it’s hard to remember where you placed your keys, so having a backup plan is always a must! With G Cloud installed, one can rest assured that all the precious contacts and data can never be lost. You can get up to 8GB of free storage, and with the new update, G Cloud 3.0 grants you web view access and many more new features. If you want to backup all your app&game settings just download the key for rooted from here!

Let's Way2Ride

4. Way2ride (Get it for your android) Free

With the Way2ride taxi app now available in New York City, there’s no more fumbling for your wallet to pay at the end of the ride. Just scan a credit card, set your tip preference, and you’re ready to ride.


5. Timely Alarm Clock (Get it for your android) Free

Timely is the beautiful Alarm Clock for Android, featuring a stunning user experience and revolutionary cloud integration to backup and synchronize your alarms with multiple devices.


6. SoundSeeder Music Player (Get it for your android) Free

Sound Seeder is a Music Player that streams your music to other Android devices via WiFi. Listen to your music on your phone and connect additional Android devices as wireless speakers. All connected speakers play your song simultaneously and in sync as one large sound system.


7. Geekbench 3 (Get it for your android) $0.99

Find out how fast your phone or tablet is with Geekbench 3. Geekbench 3 includes several new tests designed to simulate real-world scenarios. These new tests are designed to quickly and accurately measure mobile processor performance. Every test included with Geekbench 3 is multi-core aware. This allows Geekbench 3 to measure the full potential of your device’s processor.


8. Gigwalk (Get it for your android) Free

Gigwalk is a new way to get paid while building your professional profile. With Gigwalk, you can connect with businesses looking to get local contract work done. Build a great profile on the Gigwalk app, and you’ll never miss an opportunity to find local contract work with thousands of businesses.


9. Middle Manager of Justice (Get it for your android) Free

Middle Manager of Justice is a new game

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developed by Double Fine Productions, originally released on iOS. Play as the new Middle Manager of Justice and make your branch profitable. Hire a team of superheroes and build new facilities, upgrade equipment, and save citizens in your city. You can download Middle Manager of Justice from the Google Play Store here.


10. Gentlemen! (Get it for your android) $4.66

It’s a long time since we’ve seen a good Mario Bros revival (no, not that Mario, this Mario). Gentlemen! is what might happen if Nintendo threw out its own 30-year-old rulebook and gave the brothers a new Victorian-era wardrobe. This two-player battle game is intended for a single tablet with opposing players, with the blue and red characters zipping around the platform stages like bolts of lightning in three-piece suits. Plus, there’s a pigeon with a top hat. Buy it now.