Fly me to the moon; but give me the right cloud solution!


August 19th of each year is marked as the National Aviation Day in the United States. It is concurrent with the birthday of Orville Wright who, together with his brother Wilbur, made significant contributions to powered flight.

How does Aviation day relate to cloud computing you ask? Well, with its ability to increase productivity, improve safety and reduce costs, cloud computing is transforming aviation maintenance and, in the process, improving aviation safety. It does not even stop there; it is also revamping the business world by granting users access to apps as well as information from any device that has Internet access; like tablets on the maintenance shop floor, or laptops out in the field. Ergo, users are no longer restrained and forced to stick to a desk or workstation to be able to do their work.

You don’t have to be an IT guru to understand cloud computing and we can bet you’ve already used it in your daily life without even knowing so. Anyone who has ever used Facebook or even accessed email online has actually used cloud computing. In both cases, the apps and data are acquired over the Internet as a service without being installed on a PC or local network.

The cloud-based service providers are the ones who manage all the information that is remotely stores, so that end users (along with their company IT department) are not burdened with security measures, data corruption caused by viruses, computer theft, equipment malfunctions or malware.

Corruption to the data can also be caused by tangible disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes or even long-term power failures at the work place. So instead of storing the user information on a computer hard drive or business network drive that might ultimately collapse, it is smarter to store such valuable information in a secure and remote location. The number one perk of using cloud computing is the “anytime anywhere” aspect; both data and services can be accessed wherever and whenever.

Though the whole aspect is quite straightforward, choosing the right solution that meets one’s needs can most certainly an overwhelming task. To simplify it, we can simply recommend the latest and most affordable cloud software; Zoolz Unlimited.

Zoolz is designed for storing your data from all your external and internal media to the cloud for a lifetime. Even though your hard drives might be mortal and eventually die, your data will be more of a vampire-like status and live on with Zoolz.

You might think this is merely an advertisement for Zoolz, but it’s actually just stating the truth; other solutions will simply delete your data after a while if you do not continue to connect your external drives.

Then comes the one and far most important aspect of the whole thing; security. Some solutions do not even encrypt your data before leaving your machine. Do you trust the provider that much giving them the right to ultimately exploit your information if data privacy laws change in the future?

The list of perks goes on and on, you can read it in full from here underneath the question that states “Why others aren’t long term storage?”

So, whether you’re flying to the moon, going on that vacation or simply looking for a great cloud provider, we’d advise you to take a look at Zoolz and enjoy the ride.