Backup Simplified; here are the 10 tips you need to read today!



Can you believe that we’re well into August already? Neither can we! Now that most of us have gone on that breezy summer vacation and back-to-school preps are setting about, we really ought to fill up these last couple of moments of peace with strategic thinking to achieve maximum results and success.

Whether you are a teacher, highschooler or a stay at home mom, chances are you have valuable data that needs immediate attention and protection. With today’s Cloud technology, all those precious files can be instantly protected and attained anytime anywhere. So what does this actually mean you ask? It means scrolling through that presentation can now be easily done through your smartphone. Or if your beloved teenager is beseeching you to bring that term paper ASAP to the classroom, you can simply whisper to them to calm down and that Genie9 has their back; simply head to the nearest lab and print out another copy.

No hassle, trouble or complications; Genie9 likes to keep it straightforward and user friendly. It does not stop here; we have a couple of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of any of our products as well as helping you to kick start your journey with Genie9:

1. Use bandwidth throttling to reduce the used upload bandwidth.
2. Upload to Zoolz any file wherever you are using the drag\drop feature.

3. Having multiple Android devices that need backing up? Use G Cloud to protect all your android phones and tablets under a single account. You can also restore files from all your other devices. To add a new device, just install G Cloud and sign in.

4. Want to backup multiples machines? Instead of setting up Zoolz on each machine, create one policy and apply it to all the users that you want.
5. Install Zoolz viewer on your smart phone to stream music, watch videos and view your backed up photos.

6. Use the regular expressions and the file filtering rules to get more control over the files\folders that Zoolz will backup.

7. If you don’t want Zoolz to slow down your Internet connection, throttle the upload bandwidth and\or schedule the backup to run over night when no one is using your machine.

8. Select the suitable Internet connection type that you want Zoolz to use to upload your files (Wi-Fi, WLAN or 3G).

9. Add large files like databases and email clients data files (Like Outlook pst files) to the Block Level extensions so that Zoolz uploads only the changes within the files instead of uploading the entire file on each backup.

10. To speed up your backup by uploading more than one batch at a time, use the multi-threaded upload.
We’d love to hear back from you from your own experience with Genie9 and take these tips to make the best out of your chosen backup software as well as our awesome free apps! If you have not backed up yet, do it today and take it off your to-do list.