Craving extra space on your Android? Read on!

So, are you one of those people who love to carry around their favorite film collection, massive music store or simply your life’s storyline presented in photographs, but your Android’s storage hinders you from doing so? Well, congratulations; you’re about to find out how you can do so without the need to have your device’s memory consumed.

Today’s technology and progression never seizes to amaze us and thus Cloud storage is no exception. A Cloud storage solution can be one of the most eminent segments of the charming Cloud computing technology; in reality it has become a ubiquitous feature of the Cloud that allows users to limitlessly enjoy resources as well as computation.

Why should I jump on the Cloud?

Cloud Storage monopolizes the storage capacities of some of the most humongous computing machines, virtualizing them and putting them at the users’ disposal. A Cloud storage is basically just like an additional storage vault for all your devices, whether at home or work. Moreover, the key differentiator of Cloud storage lies in its omnipresence; it allows you to access all your files from anywhere without the having any file transition hindrances.

Cloud storage for Android – how worthy is it?

Besides desktop devices, smart phones are regarded as the second most commonly used devices by which the plurality of people interact with data, internet and various other IT resources. A recent study shows that by the year 2014, smart phones will supersede the desktop web usage all together.

Android devices, being the precursors in the smart phone industry, get to take the most advantage of this trend as more and more Cloud storage providers are initiating their service support for Android. Cloud computing is rigorously bridging the gap that users previously had to undertake while handling data through multiple devices.

Why should I use G Cloud Backup?

The mere thought of having your whole storage – composed of the most precious files on your phone – available without compromising your devices’ memory is reason enough to lure some of the most fanatical Android fans. Howbeit, there are many other things that you can do from your phone once you get your G Cloud installed.

Without the need to root, you can easily backup SMS, contacts, call logs, documents, setting, photos, videos and of course music. Once you’ve backed up your desired files, you can access them via the G Cloud website through a PC or a notebook.

What’s fantastic about G Cloud is the fact that you can connect multiple devices using the same email address rather than device ID. But most importantly is security; users won’t have a worry in mind with the Secure Socket Layer, 256-AES and the reliable Amazon AWS Cloud storage.

Initially, users get 1 GB of free storage, but they can build it up to 8 gigs for free by either writing a review on the Google play store (300 MB), tweeting the app (200 MB), liking the Facebook fan page (200 MB) and lastly following the official Twitter account for gaining 200 MB.

Many other features can be viewed from the official G Cloud website. Download it today and instantly live stress free!

Join the +300K users that are living stress free and make sure to download G Cloud today; it’s free!