Explore the world in a new way with Google Maps! Open to everyone starting today!


The search giant, Google, has yet ceased to amaze us with its updates. Today they’ve announced that its all new and revamped Google Maps desktop version is available to all intrigued users with no invites required!

The firm resolved to Google+ to announce the update stating:

“In May, we unveiled a preview of the new Google Maps for the web, and today we’re making it even easier to try it out. You no longer have to request and wait for an email invite – just sign up and get access instantly: maps.google.com/preview

For those who have already taken the new maps for a test drive, thanks for all your support and feedback. We’re listening and continuing to make the experience even better. And for those who haven’t tried it yet, here’s a refresher on what makes the new Google Maps great.”

@GoogleMaps sent a tweet last night saying that users simply have to “sign up” to access the new app.
It was this May, during the Google I/O 2013 conference that the new Google Maps for desktop was debuted.

Once users are in the “desktop” section of the new Google Maps’s about page, they will be propelled to click the “Try now”. By doing so, they will be sent to a preview of the revamped app. Starting now, once users visit the maps.google.com URL, they will immediately be redirected to google.com/maps/preview

Check out the video below to learn more about what’s new and updated:

Oh, and iOS users will also have a kick from this update; Google has also launched a new version of its iOS app, and most importantly it has added support for the iPad and iPad mini – so users can immediately drop the horrific Apple Maps-.