Foursquare: Now your friends have the power!

Full length of young men and women holding cellphone

Last year we reported about the launch of the location-based App Foursquare and today the App developers have updated the Android and iOS versions with quite the intriguing feature: the ability to check-in your friends.

You might think this feature is not a new addition, but up until now Foursquare only allowed you to mention them but not actually check them in. Ostensibly, the company has decided it is time to bridge that gap.

The app’s changelog indicates how the feature works:

“Less tapping, more exploring! Save time while you’re out with friends with the new option to check them in (only with their permission, of course!).”

So, let’s get right to it. Here is how it’s done:

– Once you check in you can simple tap “I’m with…” to indicate the people you’re with. Choose your friends from your list.

– If you’re friends check yes, then they’ll get checked in ( and you’ll be able to check them in anytime you want in the future) one approval and the feature is good to go. If you’re friends check no, then you’ll just be able to just “mention” them as usual.

The permission part is pivotal: you might be able to check in your pals now, but it is still a must for them to go into Foursquare and approve your request. Yes, it might be a small change but it has a lot of promise.

It is not difficult to see how this alternation could significantly boost the number of check-ins the service witnesses, and ultimately pave the way for another future feature that would automatically approve check-in requests from (probably from some of) your friends.