Talk to the hand!


Long gone are the days when technology was mundane and a thing for the geeks; day after day we’re witnessing more fashion designers experimenting with wearable technology.

The most contemporary inventions in wearable tech include clothes that display twitter updates, such as the very first controversial Twitter dress worn by no other than The PussyCat’s lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. More innovations include wearable mobile computing devices, Google glasses of course, Smartwatches and even bracelets that track your fitness regime.

As a means of experimentation in wearable tech, as well as to highlight the possibilities of recycling old mobile phones in a creative way, designer Sean Miles from Designworks was sought after by O2 Recycling to experiment at will.

His latest prototype is customized Bluetooth-enabled gloves that work in concord with a mobile phone. All you have to do is speak into the pinkie and listen through the thumb.
Here is an exclusive video posted by the BBC tech journalist Dougal Shaw at the company’s design studio in Windsor.