Top 10 Apps of the week!


2013 is here, and we’ve all resolved to do somethings different. Yet, as it seems with every year, we tend to forget our resolutions half way through the year. So, here are the top 10 Apps that will make sure you keep your promises to yourself and others and truly make a difference this year!


1. SpringPad (Get it for your android) Free

Everyone starts the New Year looking for some sort of inspiration and it is here where Springpad comes in handy; this productivity app has us covered with the publication of tons of resolution-ready notebooks for National Organization Month, aptly honored in January. Whether you want to get in shape, save some cash, re-organize the kitchen or plan a super fun road trip, Springpad is your all in one solution.


2. Our Groceries Shopping List (Get it for your android) Free

Many of you may have resolved to being more frugal in 2013 and thus will be looking for the best grocery app to help you do so. This one is super helpful especially if you share a grocery list with a spouse. Both individuals download the app; enter the same email address so that they can access one joint account. It’s helpful and saves time especially if both people are shopping at the same time; you can tap the item to cross them off the list & the list is instantly updated.


3. Pageonce – Money & Bills (Get it for your android) Free

Even though “OurGroceries” will definitely save you some money, Pageonce will take care of your finances on the long run. This all in one app automatically organizes & tracks your money, bills, credit cards, frequent flyer miles, rewards, mobile minutes, text and data usage. Pretty amazing to control where your money goes especially with the real-time alerts.


4. Big Oven (Get it for your android) Free

Since we’re being on the right track with all these savings on the groceries and in general, why not stay on it and cook in more often? It might be time consuming, yes, but with more than 250,000+ recipes, you’re bound to find those that suit you best. With over seven million downloads, BigOven is the most complete cooking tool for getting inspired and organized in the kitchen and on-the-go so start cooking!


5. Nike Boom & Training Club Free

Constructed for men and women in respective order, both Nike Boom and Training Club present a hint of personalization to each daily workout. Each app features narrated routines, interjecting bursts of motivation with inspiring phrases from professional athletes (like American soccer player Alex Morgan) and trainers you pick. So download the app and stay on the healthy track, for real this time!


6. efergy engage (Get it for your android) Free

We’ll stay in the theme of frugality, and bring you an app that will help you downsize utility bills throughout this cold season. The efergy system brings you real-time data on your home energy consumption. The system is accompanied by a hub that remains in your house, monitoring and updating you on how energy efficient your usage really is. You can access the hub wherever you are.


7. Instructables (Get it for your android) Free

Whether you’ve resolved to learn how to craft more projects this year, this (unofficial) insctrictables app will walk you through a whole community of online how-tos submitted by everyday folks like you and me. It’s definitely worth the try to uncover something creative and different.


8. SeeClickFix (Get it for your android) Free

The holiday season is coming to an end, but that does not mean we should stop doing good and trying to better our community. With SeeClickFix you can turn yourself into a more socially engaged and aware citizen; reporting non-emergencies as easily as you post to Instagram. With Open311 integration, this app has collaborated with tons of local governments across our nation for better citizen reporting.


9. How to Draw – Easy Lessons (Get it for your android) Free

Let’s face it, not all of us are born with Picasso-like skills of drawing and you never know when this skill comes handy (if none other than quality time with the kids). So, simply launch this app and learn some of the basics in 2013.


10. wikiHow – the how to manual (Get it for your android) Free

If you’re not too keen on improving your drawing, but want to learn new things in this new year then this is the app for you. With over 120,000 how-to guides in its database, wikiHow can teach you almost anything: from how to get in great shape to how to delete a Facebook account.