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Merely a year after its launch, the learn-to-code online company run by Interenet guru Ryan Carson Treehouse has reached $3.6m in revenues owing to its loyal 18,700 active users, 380,000 completed quizzes and 330,000 hours of tutorial videos watched on the site.

The major streak of success that has hit Treehouse caused its obvious expansion from 11 employees in 2011 to 54. It seems Treehouse are aiming to go a bit retro with their next step and target the classic print market; they’ve just announced a book deal with Wiley Publishing. Carson’s company will rival web virtuosos of the likes of Brian Solis, Get Satisfaction co-founders Lane Becker and Thor Muller as well as a multitude of others. The Treehouse franchise will initially focus on tutoring HTML, followed by CSS3 as well as iOS 6.

Treehouse already offers a solid curriculum of online video tutorials for a modest price, yet Carson seems to believe that actual books would give reach to a larger portion of learners, that may be into classical print.

“A lot of students need various learning inputs,” he stated. “Video works very well for most, but some of our students really respond to the written format. Our new book series will be a big help to those students.”

Initial foundational volumes from Wiley will cover each of Treehouse’s major areas of tutoring, which include most of the basic web programming technologies. Every book ought to bring the reader an adequate level of understanding of how to construct a website with the technology in question.

Treehouse argues to being the primary coding education platform to gain a traditional book deal, however, we were interested in finding out how Carson’s books would be set apart from the multitude of manuals that are already out there such as O’Reilly’s very once for instance.

“Treehouse Books will be the perfect complement to our online curriculum,” said Carson. “Students can

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either buy a physical copy or a downloadable e-book. O’Reilly’s books are great but Treehouse books are designed to strengthen those who are learning with Treehouse.”

Coding is not the only genre Treehouse is interested in; they’ve also introduced WordPress starting-off courses,a lead that non-coding books might also be hovering on the horizon. jQuery lessons as well as Android & iOS have also been introduced.

Having the support and funds from the likes of Chamth P, Reid Hoffman, Mark Suster and Keving Rose has certainly paved the way for Treehouse to become quite the overnight success, and thus acquainting the public with online education.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the company, you can simply subscribe to their YouTube Channel or view their roadmap for upcoming courses.

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