Top 10 Apps of the week!

The second week of October is already almost done, we really don’t know how time flies by so quickly! Here is our selection for this week, that includes apps to help us stay green, stay healthy, save our battery life, help us to self diagnose, mimic the coveted Metro style and surprise your loved ones with great gifts for that special occasion. Let us know what your thoughts are and we hope you’ll enjoy this week’s edition.


1. Reddit Sync (Get it for your android) Free

This one goes out to all the avid Redditors out there; it features a simple and user-friendly Holo UI allowing you to use almost all Reddit functions that are usually available for the desktop website. You can use it in either night or day theme, and can mark posts as read as well as saving and voting on posts.


2. X-Runner (Get it for your android) Free

We have not forgotten the game lovers out there! Partake in this invigorating runner game to sense the ultimate speed and challenge your nimbleness! This is truly a space journey that challenges both your vision and imagination! Avoid barriers, go through the magic tunnel, jump over the space bridge and go.

3. Screen Filter (Get it for your android) Free

Have you used your Android at night and noticed that it’s just too bright, even at its lowest brightness setting? Well then this is the app that fixes just that. Super easy to use interface that consists of a slider with a percentage of the brightness you that you want it to be and the enable button. An overlay is also applied on the screen that dims the screen and even increases the battery life for AMOLED screens.

4. WiFi Mouse (Get it for your android) Free

This nifty little app turns your smartphone into a mouse. Hmm how is this useful you ask? Well, it supports multitouch gestures for both Android and Mac OS X, providing simple trackpad tracking for pinch-to-zoom as well as some specific gestures for Mac OS X. The app also allows you to input text through the Android keyboard- making it a perfect companion for a Media PC.


5. Metro UI Lite (Get it for your android) Free

So, you fell in love with the look of Windows Phone and Metro style yet aren’t so keen to give up your beloved Android? Hmm, what to do? Easy, download this app that mimics the look on your phone or tablet!


6. iTriage (Get it for your android) Free

This handy little app is designed for cases of emergencies and when you’re feeling a bit under the weather. You can look up symptoms, find possible causes and determine the type of care you require and even look up where you can get treatment. It’s so simple, you can just touch the affected part of the body on a virtual avatar and then use the various tools to further pin down what might be the cause of the problem.


7. Where’s My Droid (Get it for your android) Free

Losing your phone is one of life’s almighty annoyances. Like a batting collapse by the English cricket team, it’s going to happen at some point or another and there’s little you can do to steel yourself against the possibly dire consequences. Unless you’ve got Where’s My Droid installed on your Android smartphone that is, then everything is likely to turn out rosy.


8. Run Keeper (Get it for your android) Free

We’ve covered so many running apps it’s crazy, this one takes it up a notch. Beyond the basics, you can customize training plans that make you run longer distances or reach better times. You can also focus on improving your heart rate since it connects to Bluetooth heart rate monitor and provides coaching just on that statistic. What’s awesome about this app is that it not only tracks your running, but cycling, swimming and even rollerblading is included!


9. GreenITers Mobile (Get it for your android) Free

Going green is very important in today’s consumer-based world. So apps that help us better ourselves and our planet are always worth the mention. Through this free app you can join an online “eco-innovations community” to share news and investigate gadgets and technology in green jobs, electric vehicles, climate change and related topics.


10. Treater (Get it for your android) Free

In this fast paced world of ours, we can easily forget important occasions and then fall into a state of regret and utter humiliations! Well, Treater is here just for this reason; you can send a gift, and to redeem it, the recipient can simply flash their phone to the cashier.

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