Google Maps; More than a map?

Google must be really proud; after the huge failure of iOS6 maps, it announced last week that 800,000 websites and apps are in fact actively using its Google Maps API. To commemorate this achievement, the search behemoth launched which demonstrates how developers are leveraging the features of the Maps API.

Even though millions of users use to find where they ought to go, many others also use Google Maps through other sites. Google wants to pay tribute to the developers that use the API, and it’s doing so by showing the visitors of just how Web and App developers effectuate Google Maps features such as Street View, public transit directions, location data, and advanced data visualization capabilities.

There are tons of interactive demos on the website to flaunt the simplicity in which anyone can embed the aforementioned features. Stories are also included especially from those in the community who are using the API to start off businesses, help enhance their communities, or save the environment. In fact, starting this Monday, such inspiring stories will be featured on a weekly basis on the Geo Developers Blog.

Of course no new Google announcement would be complete without a YouTube video explaining the campaign. Google Maps team member Carlos Cuesta, with just a backpack and a camera, spoke to six distinct developers around the world about the API:

Do not be mistaken: this marketing move is not out of place. Despite Apple’s open apology for iOS 6 Maps, Mountain view was also criticized for not working something out with Cupertino, as well as for not releasing a standalone Maps app in time for the release of iOS 6.

Google is trying to spin off the whole situation for its favor, and making it look like it’s the victim. If we think about it, 800,000 sites and apps is not such a huge turning point; no big deal was held for the 600,000 mark, and there certainly was no new website launched to flaunt how the whole world is using its API.

This is the embedded message that Google is trying to get through: “Check out all the developers that already enjoy having thriving businesses based on our API. Yes, we’ll release a Google Maps app for iOS 6 when time is right, but until then, check out what Apple and its fanboys are missing out on.”

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