Top 10 Apps of the week!


Have you gotten your grove on for this summer? Or are you still waiting for your boss to approve that long awaited summer vacation? Well, with these top 10 Apps for this week, you’ll be thanking us for saving you battery life, making beautiful photo books, having a great soundtrack for that road trip you’ve been planning for and even better, entertain yourself while waiting in boredom for that last office hour to pass with the most addictive game. Check them out and let us know what your thoughts are!


1. Million moments (Get it for your android) Free

This handy little App arranges your pictures into a notebook or a photobook; it has a swipe/ page turning effect. You can go from page to page. It dates them and you can even add your own comments or suppose you don’t like the cropping on the picture, you can just move and swipe it left/ right the way you want it, then click and boom it’s cropped. You can even tag pictures. It’s a really nice really smooth App by Sony.


2. Relaunch (Get it for your android) Free

This App gives you quick access to all the Apps on your device, beautifully and automatically categorized by Relaunch. You can access Relaunch by swiping; you can set it to any corner of your or any side of the screen. Then you swipe, and you can go to different categories; Talk, work, play, seek, relax, setup and all the other stuff. Nice little app to gain access to all your different apps.

3. Chomp Sms (Get it for your android) Free

If you can’t stand your phone’s default messaging client, then install chomp SMS. Well, for one it’s much more customizable. The quick and compose features are invaluable; popping up so you can text message like a mad woman/man. Plus you’ll never forget mother’s day or a friend’s birthday because you can schedule messages. Better yet, delay sending, so if you’re prone to sending messages you likely regret you can cancel before it gets to a certain someone. Or use the super micro managing stuff like using a signature, which we’ve never seen anyone do before. As well as blacklisting, just to keep that obsessive ex boyfriend under control.

4. Juice defender (Get it for your android) Free

So if you’re like us on the phone, constantly connected, data streaming left and right and forging 3G then you know that you need some good battery life, and we’re sorry but those task killers, those just don’t quite do it well for Android. Sticking with automation again, Juice Defender gives you a real measurable difference when it manages the most battery draining aspects of your Android device. You can use the preset modes or get down and dirty with it and configure the settings that are based on what your browsing experience is usually like. We cannot say enough good things about these guys.

5. Mog Mobile (Get it for your android) Free

Music is always a priority for many of us out there. We listen to it wherever we go, especially in the car. We love Mog as a service, even though you have to pay a 10 dollar fee to get every song you could imagine but they do have everything from VNV Nation, Monsters and Men to Lynyrd Skynyrd. You will have it in every road trip this summer, we can assure you.

6. G Cloud Backup (Get it for your android) Free

With over 70 million smartphones getting lost every single year and only 7% being actually recovered, we ought to immediately think of a way to protect ourselves and our digital life. For everyone who has coveted the simplicity of the iCloud, the backup software for iOS, here is an app for Android that is not only an equivalent, but as stated by one of the users: it puts the “Smart” in Smartphones.


7. Triple Town (Get it for your android) Free

Now if you don’t know the idea behind Triple Town, we shall explain. Basically it is a simple puzzle alchemy game where if you match three objects they turn into one object. Match three of those objects and get another object. These keep going up in points of course. Now this idea is not unique to Triple Town and Triple Town is not the pioneer. We’veplayed many small flash games with this concept that just haven’t reached full media attention as Triple Town has, but that’s a whole other post in itself. The inherent addictiveness factor that comes with the genre makes it so successful. The great deal of polish and hook that come in the form of the cute graphics of the bushes, trees and bears and the hook comes with the bonuses, wanting to see all the combinations and that it is freemium… Now if you read our previous post, you’ll know we are not big fans of freemium type of games as usually they let you only play a very small fraction of the full game. I feel with Triple Town you can get a full experience without paying the full price as the full price only unlocks unlimited turns and new maps.

8. Smart Tools (Get it for your android) $2.31

This is an App packed with so many tools, though it will take you a few hours just to get through the whole App. At the heart, the tools you will be using most are the ones to measure things. These make up the first of five app sets.

9. CloudOn (Get it for your android) Free

This little App gives you full access to Microsoft Office on your tablet or phone. Users can create and edit PowerPoint presentations, draft Word documents, and even maintain Excel spreadsheets. It’s like running a virtual PC on your Android phone or tablet. Very handy if you ask the little geek in everyone of us.

10. Robin (Get it for your android) Free

Robin is quickly becoming one of our favorite Android apps. The virtual assistant is better than Siri in many ways. She can tweet for you, give you turn by turn directions, provide real-time parking info, and so much more. But hey, where is Barney?