Top 8 Apps of the week!


Best Apps of the week are back and ready to kick the August summer heat! From beautiful collage making Apps, to ones that act as your own personal trainers all the way to Apps to your own personal pocket tourist guide! This week’s collection is sure to set you on the right track for the summer vacation you’re longing for.


1. DJRun (Get it for your android) Free

We all know how hard it is to work out, let alone run, without having the right soundtrack to motivate us to keep on going. The App promises, using your device’s accelerometers, to give you the perfect playlist that matches your pace in order for your motivation to stay up and your feet moving.


2. Word Lens (Get it for your android) $2.99

We all love to travel and explore new places yet the frustration hits us when we are dropped in a country where no signs are in English and we end up like English men in New York! Yet, with this handy App, that uses augmented reality through the phone’s camera, it automatically translates signs and other things in the real world into your native tongue. Quite impressive!

3. Wondershare PowerGIF (Get it for your android) Free

This is a cool Android app that lets you create animated GIF quickly and easily. You can use the images stored on your phone’s gallery or take new pictures/videos and convert them to GIF in just a few seconds! Just launch the app, choose Capture if you want to take new photos/video or choose Load Photo if you want to import photos from your gallery.

4. Stay (Get it for your android) Free
Summer is upon us, and everyone is planning for their trip out of the office and onto the sandy beaches anywhere to recharge their battery for the rest of the year. Well, before you go anywhere, make sure to turn to “Stay” for advice. Set your desired destination and the app will flood you with great activities so that you won’t even need a tourist guide. The best things about this handy little App is that it downloads all the data for your required city, ensuring that you explore your desired escape worry-free.

5. Pictarine (Get it for your android) Free

If you caught the social networking bug, chances are you are bewildered with the many different platforms and friends you follow on those platforms. Fortunately, there are tools, such as this handy little App, that help you browse through all the different photos in one place Pictarine can connect to and pull photos from 11 major social networks, that you can then view, share, comment, and like.

6. Sit ups Pro (Get it for your android) Free
Craving to have the perfect summer bod yet you don’t have the time or the money for a personal trainer? Well, then this is the App for you. SitUps not only helps you count the number of Sit Ups you do, but also computes the calories you burn throughout every workout and creates the perfect workout strategy according to your daily exercise and body status.


7. Waze Social GPS & Traffic (Get it for your android) Free

Waze is a fun, community-based traffic and navigation App, 20 million strong. Plunge into the driving community in your area and join forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic jam, save precious time, and of course spend less gas and cash.

8. Photo Grid (Get it for your android) Free

If you’re one of the photo enthusiast then this is the App for you. Make beautiful collages out of your favorite pictures with this free collage maker that has lots of layout templates, frames and backgrounds. Once finished you can share it onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker, Picasa, Blogger, Tumblr and other social media platforms.

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