Top 8 Apps of the week!


Another Thursday is upon us and we are giving you the best 8 Apps for this week; from anti-theft apps to karaoke and all the way to creepy Galaxy S3 apps that will surly intrigue the Sherlock Holmes in you! Check them out here:


1. SwiftKey 3 (Get it for your android)
SwiftKey 3 has finally dropped its beta tag, this mind-reading keyboard app adds an intelligent autocorrect feature that does away with the need to hit the spacebar. Two new themes, supports seven additional languages bringing the total up to 42. Get the latest release by heading now over to the Google Play Store now, and you can get for half the price for one week.

2. Viggle (Get it for your android or iOS)
Viggle transforms the television viewing experience by allowing users to accumulate points by checking into the television shows they’re watching, playing games and puzzles about their favorite TV shows and interacting with special branded media. Customers can then use Viggle points on a wide array of rewards such as movie tickets, gift cards, wireless accessories, music and more, and they can also convert points into charitable donations. So let your inner couch potato free and get rewards watching your favorite shows.


3. Song Pop (Get it for your android or iOS)

An awesome music trivia game for Android, iOS and Facebook. This game tests your music knowledge and recognition, bringing back memories and proving you still remember the songs of your childhood or even the latest hits.Players take turns trying to guess the name of the song or artist associated with whatever clip is being played. Each player’s turn consists of five song clips, and answering quickly (and correctly) unlocks new songs for the category you’re playing in.

4. iSeeYou (Get it for your android)

One of the best features on the Galaxy S3 is the front camera which automatically recognises when you’re looking at the display and as a result the display remains on. The application is available in two version lite and pro. Lite version is pretty basic, while pro version which is very cheap allow you to customize the standard settings such as the scan poll and max scan time. Unfortunately the application is available for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich only.

5. Cerberus (Get it for your android)

The Cerberus application offers users complete anti-theft protection to help them recover their lost or stolen Android cell phone. If your device is lost- all you need to do is go to the Cerberus website, log in, remotely activate the GPS and it’ll show you on a map where you left it. If, however, you think it might have been stolen, there’s a whole lot more you can do. You can instantly lock the device, requiring a 4 digit pin to unlock. If you’ve got a front-facing camera, things get even cooler. You can take pictures of the perpetrator, as s/he tries to meddle with your phone.

6. WisePilot (Get it for your android)
Wisepilot is a search, map and navigation app that gives you maximum flexibility. You can use the free features such as search, maps, directions and sharing. Furthermore you can enhance your experience with extra features through in app purchases like turn-by-turn Navigation and Speed Cameras. Prices are set depending on time period.

7. Transparent Screen Pro (Get it for your android)

Transparent Screen gives you the opportunity to use your phone as usual, while being able to see the live image of your camera transparently on the entire screen.
You’ll be able to walk and text at the same time and actually use any App you desire, while Transparent Screen is running.

8. Endomondo (Get it for your android or iOS)

Called Endomondo (Endo, short for Endorphins; and Mondo, meaning enormous or huge). It’s a great multi-sport tracking application that can keep track of just about any type of exercise-related activity. For outdoor activities, the application will make use of your phone’s GPS to track your route on a map. Endomondo will also track laps to highlight your fastest and slowest times, and will automatically create lap split times each mile for non-lap related sports like biking.

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