InstagramCam; Snap it, filter it, Print it and share it!


Instagram has received a lot of press coverage in the past few weeks. Whether it’s well deserved or not is quite an individual issue. The latest Instagram related post was earlier this April when Facebook acquired the app for $ 1 billion

This time ARD, an Italian based design and communication studio have quite cleverly jumped into the hype and presented a brilliant concept called Instagram Socialmatic Camera.

Antonio De Rosa, the 34 ADR Studio founder and owner, who has previously manipulated rumors and speculations of what Apple could be bringing in a future product, to gauge people’s responses, has just recently released this concept for the real-life Instagram camera. One which, might we say, presents a combination of some of the latest cutting-edge technology and design with an entirely retro feel and the results are quite distinguishable.

While merely a week ago, a hilarious “advertisement” was leaked, intended to make fun of a fictional camera called the Instagram Snap; basically a Polaroid camera with “sharing” features (passing a photo to another person by hand) and “filters” (coffee filter = spill coffee on your picture).

It almost seems ironic that a concept for such a camera actually emerges, and grabs so much attention, that leaves many (including us) drooling in agony!
While we applaud innovative design, the hardware specs must also be up to a high standard, and the Socialmatic Cam certainly does not disappoint. It comes with 16 GB of mass storage, which is more than enough for a year’s worth of snaps of landscape, pets and food, and also boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for easy sharing.


Here is the full spec list of the proposed camera:
§ 16 GB mass storage
§ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
§ 4:3 touchscreen
§ 2 main lenses, first for main capture, second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing
§ Optical zoom
§ Led Flash
§ Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real
§ Paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets
§ Dedicated 4 colors ink tanks
§ InstaOS 1.0, which put together Facebook and Instagram App feature

You might wonder how this Cam would differ from what Android and iOS users can already enjoy. Well, it packs a quirky internal printer with the ability to bring those shots to life instantly, and the four dedicated ink tanks can print onto Instagram Paper Sheets, (yes it sounds a bit Polaroid-ish). The specialized sheets would have an adhesive strip along the back – similarly to a post-it – allowing them to be stuck wherever your heart desires, as well as a small blank space to leave your memoirs. You will be able to stick your preferred pictures on walls or in elevators or on the subway and other people who later like your photos can scan your QR code and follow your future work.

Such an independent camera which would definitely produce higher quality images than a mobile phone one, with an ability to share both online and in the real world (if priced right) would skyrocket. We’re sold, are you?

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