Easter 101

Christians all over the West are celebrating their biggest holiday today; Easter. So, we thought you’d be interested in checking out the best Apps for iOS and Android out there. We also have a treat for you at the end of the post.
iOS App:

Easter Bunny Scanner

Here’s a fun twist on the “naught/nice” usually associated with Santa and Christmas. This App works by running a scan on the child using the “naughty or nice” meter — a good child gets a green light and a nicely decorated egg, whereas a bad child gets a cracked egg. However, as the app’s developers Spilling Coffee Media explain, while Santa Claus knows if you’ve been naughty, the Easter Bunny has no such powers.
“This Easter Bunny Scanner is for entertainment purposes only and provides no true Easter Bunny or behavioral detection or scanning ability,” the app’s description reads.
What really happens is that the scan defaults to the green light unless the parent wishes it to come up with a bad or random result. Whether it will actually keep your kids in line is hard to say — we’re not experts in child behavior, but for 99 cents it’s a bit of fun. Spilling Coffee Media also offers a free version that carries advertising.

Easter Cards
To simplify what this app actually does is quite simple; it’s a free app that helps you create unique Easter cards to send to your friends and family via email, or you post them on various social media channels as Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr.
An extra perk for this app is its ability to change several times throughout the year so that your Christmas photos, for instance, can be used for other special occasions.

Easter Collage

This free App is for the iPad users and collage lovers; choose one of the many templates provided by the Developer Dirk Bost and hang on to your precious Easter memories.

Easter Egg Design Generator

Stuck in a rut and can’t come up with creative Easter egg designs for this year? Well, this Spilling Coffee App just might have the answer.
There are more than 30 egg colors, designs, and design colors to choose from, and you can even generate random designs. You will have to put up with the occasional advertisement, though.

Easter Egg Spin Color

Easter Egg Spin & Color is another free app that lets you decorate an egg. You can decorate the egg in three dimensions as well, spinning the egg around as you go.
You can also scramble your egg into a slider puzzle to see how quickly you can put it back together again. The developer is Corina Bonanno.

Easter With Bunny, Rabbit and Me

Last but certainly not least, Easter with Bunny, Rabbit, and Me is a free app that was created for Visuals Work by Lorrie Ann Harrington.
She designed the app to teach her son, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, new vocabulary, language-based concepts, and social communication skills. She found that incorporating his interests, including photographs of him in the stories, helps him to stay engaged and relate to the teaching topic more easily. This App gets an A plus from us; Autism is a real issue and should get more exposure even if it is through an App like this.

Android Apps:

Easter Egg Hunt
Here’s a fun egg hunting app. Tap the Easter egg on the screen to reveal a prize. Also be on the lookout for the golden egg. Users found this app to be Fun and adorable yet it could get boring since the only point is the counter. Some were upset by the fact that you have to pay for wallpaper, stating that all the choices should be free.

This app received 4 stars on the Play store.

TileStorm HD

A beautiful 3D twist on tile sliding puzzles. Guaranteed to challenge & delight! It’s on sale now.
A simple classic puzzle concept beautifully implemented on the android platform. The perfect game if you like old school puzzle games, yet it is not for easily frustrated low attention span dazzle me generation.

This app received 5 stars on the Play store.

Free Greetings Card For Easter

Forgot to send a card? No worries, just send a free greeting card instead with the LoveBUG App

This app has a 5- star review from the Play store.

Finally, we’ve made a collage out of the best egg pictures by “The Egg Man” himself; Artist John Lamouranne.
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