Apple wins Patent lawsuit


Are you ready to rumble?
Well, yet again here we are, outside the ring, cheering for our favorite contender; be it Apple or Motorola, the battle is tough and it seems that Apple has it’s game on!

We’ve been cheering for quite a while now,3 times to be exact, for this specific patent! The patent that covers the ability for a phone’s touchscreen to recognize any user gesture on a screen that is not a straight line. Motorola has repeatedly fought this claim, stating that the patent is specific to tolerance levels of 27 degrees. Unfortunately, today the judge put his foot down. We can almost hear the Google/ android fans cry out in agony!!

To quote Judge Richard Posner:

“I reject Motorola’s argument (this is the third time they’ve made it and the third time I reject it) that the structure must be limited to the 27-degree angle uses as an example by the specification.”

What does this mean? It means that if this claim is indeed finalized in July, any device with the ability to gesture a simple curve that does not run on IOS will be deemed as unrivaled.

We must say, we are a bit puzzled by the fact that the ability to swipe at an angle can be patented? Seriously? We apparently are not alone in thinking that this patent is much too broad, as Analyst Florian Mueller from FOSSpatents also stated that the gesture in question should not be able to be patented at all. He went on to say in his blog:

“Motorola will realistically be unable to avoid a finding of infringement and will have to come up with some really good invalidity arguments if it wants to avoid disaster.”

Let us stay optimistic and trust, at least for the sake of all Android users, that this is not the final call. Motorola, now it’s your turn to put your A game on!

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