What is Apple TV?

Apple TVApple TV is a TV set currently being developed by Apple, it is different from the $99 console Apple currently has. According to Sources, Jeff Robbin, who contributed to iTunes and the iPod is currently leading the Apple TV project. The TV set could be ready for launch next year or early 2013.

A TV set from Apple sounds like a very cool idea. Picture a TV that has wireless internet, can access Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and of course has Safari so you can browse internet, has a touch screen remote control which can also be used as a mic, contains a very large SD drive so you can download your favorite series.

That sounds good and all, but for the Apple TV to actually sell it has to be able to get connected to cable, satellite, an HDMI slot so you can connect your gaming consoles, so basically it has to also be a normal TV as well as being a huge internet screen, because lets face it nobody is gonna have 2 TV sets hanging in their living rooms. If Apple can pull that off while having an attractive price tag (something around $899 would be perfect for a 32-inch screen and $1,199 for the 40-inch screen) they can really invade homes.

The TV would probably be connected by a cloud-based system that would allow users to access and search for content obtained through Apple and third-party services such as Netflix.

Rumors are that a TV set is in the workings right now at Apple although no comment from the technology giant has been released. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s to come.

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