Zoolz: Connect, Protect, Stream and Share Your Digital Life

What is Zoolz?

Zoolz is a new service that will in moments, have your documents, photos, music, and videos from your laptops, desktops, network drives, media servers, and external drives on the cloud. Therefore, you and your connections’ data are protected from hardware failures, virus attacks, human errors, and natural disasters.
For the first time ever, listen to encrypted music, watch videos, and view a timeline of photo memories directly from iPhone, iPad, Andriod, or Windows mobile devices. Store favorite music, videos and photos to the mobile device for accessing without an internet connection. Zoolz also allows you to share all your documents, presentations, photos, music, and videos, no matter how large, between your devices, family, friends, or teammates directly from your computer, facebook account or mobile device with a click.

To be the first to experience Zoolz go to: www.Zoolz.com