Disasters happen: always have a backup plan

Well known, trustworthy, reliable companies can even make mistakes: McAfee recently pushed out an update to computers, causing large amounts of machines to become completely inoperable. Though these situations cannot be predicted or prevented, we can still protect ourselves by planning ahead.

In this fast paced world, technology has been the key to keeping up. A computer is no longer just a machine that stores our data because our data has become our life. We go through many measures to try and protect this data, keep it out of harm’s way, make it accessible yet secure but sometimes incidents happen that are uncontrollable. It is almost impossible to make your computer immune to such disasters, though with the right precautions you can recover from these situations with ease.

Genie Timeline 2.0 is an innovative, new software which can do just that. Genie Timeline 2.0 is the next generation of backup software based on Continuous Data Protection, it needs zero maintenance, zero scheduling, and uses up zero resources; never will you need to worry about your data’s security again. The key is simplicity; creating a backup takes 3 simple steps and you are on your way. Timeline will work silently in the background constantly monitoring your files for additions and changes. Set it and forget it; backups will be taken periodically without any user intervention and will have absolutely no impact on system performance.

You can restore your files easily, whether you have suffered from a complete system failure as in the case of many McAfee users, or you simply want to go back in time to view a version of a file you made earlier, Timeline’s user friendly process makes it easy to restore.

Disasters happen, plan ahead so that you can easily recover from them…