Even if you are fully loaded with latest tech offerings, there are still plenty of really cool gadgets that have recently been released to tempt us into parting with our money for the latest must-have item. Here are some of the latest ideas for you to consider.


The Sphero is a clever little gadget that might seem like a normal ball at first glance, lacking any buttons or interactivity of any kind, but the moment you infuse it with kinetic energy, it will start to glow. Place it on the ground and start a free app on your apple or android device, where the Sphero will then adhere to your commands sent via the device. Basically, you now have a remote controlled ball robot.
Check this video to find out more about Sphero’s specs.

Price: $130


World’s first smart speaker, this impressive wireless speaker pairs with a number of electronic devices, such as your tablet devices, Smartphone, Mac or PC. Using Bluetooth technology, Jambox speaker streams your favorite music, or can act as your personal home theatre speaker system for movies or television shows right from your tablet. It has a great design, delivers stunning hi-fi audio and it’s loud with an output capacity of 85 decibels.

Price: $199

SmartShopper 301

SmartShopper is a voice recognition grocery list organizer. It Records, organizes and prints your grocery list to simplify shopping. The interface is fun to use and easy to master, just push the record button, say the name of the item you want to add to the list, and SmartShopper does the rest. There are over 2,500 items in SmartShopper’s library, allows for the manual entry of specific objects it doesn’t include. SmartShopper automatically organizes your list into categories, making visits to the store more efficient.

Price : $149.95

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scales

The ordinary bathroom scale has been turned into something different after being infused with modern day technology. Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scales will feature a digital display, measuring your exact weight. While doing so, it will also send a safe electrical pulse through your body to measure body impedance, giving you accurate data on your body’s fat and lean mass. The Aria takes the data recorded and transmits them via WiFi to the Fitbit website to track your progress, you can also access the information through your iOS, android or windows app.

Price: $99.95


If you’re forgetful and tend to misplace things, the BiKN is a brilliant gadget that helps you locate items within a short range. It’s a combination iPhone case, app and series of tags for tracking. By downloading the BiKN app from the App Store, the user can conveniently find the tagged objects within several hundred feet.

Price: $100-120

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