Android user? This is the App you’ve been waiting for!


Ever wondered what would happen had you lost your beloved Android device? Ahh, all those pictures, videos, music files and not to mention the synced Social profiles hacked! Oh no, all your embarrassing secrets are out; now everyone knows you enjoy watching Martha Stewart before going to bed!

Well, another scenario now; you decide to make a grand gesture to your partner and gift her with the latest Android device on the market and all she has to do is upgrade and insert the Sim card, but wait, it’s not all sunshine and butterflies! You’re partner starts having a nervous breakdown just at the thought of having to move all the data onto the new device. Ahh,

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what a bummer; you’re gift goes unnoticed!

Never mind your unnoticed gift now and let’s help out grandpa! Yet again it seems he has managed to lose his beloved new phone that you got him for his birthday. His screams of frustration are driving grandma crazy and you don’t know if it’s all your fault in the end for actually getting him a new device and trying to keep him up-to-date!

Wait, what’s that? Is your baby boy holding your phone and pushing it down the toilet? Oh no, quick try to salvage whatever you can before all those important contacts vanish into thin air.

Well, what if we told you there’s an app that will save you from all these scenarios and yet surpass all your expectations? An app that will be so intelligent as to think on its own and only be activated when connected to WiFi, plugged in, or have sufficient battery life.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Yes, and guess what; it’s Free.
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